Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Lamb updates

.....and they finally have names! I can't believe how these guys have changed in just a month and a half. This is Crosswinds Apollo, Trillium's lamb. I am really tempted to keep him. He has great fleece, conformation, and I love his spots. So far his horns are looking good. He also has a very nice temperament, friendly, but respectful.

Apollo is very flashy and has some really nice spotting.

Isn't this a cute little fluke tail?

Next is Crosswinds Flying Ace, Daisy's lamb.
Ace is also a really nice ram lamb with good conformation. He is very similar to his sire, who I am going to continue to use, so I really won't have a place for Acey here as a breeding ram. Ace will be for sale.

Crosswinds Sandpiper. Piper is a black krunet, he wasn't cooperating for photos so you can't see the white spots on his head very well. He has good conformation, is a very nice boy and so far looks like his horns will be good, he has more of a double coated fleece. Piper will also be for sale.

Crosswinds Don Diego, he is Sandpiper's twin. This little scurred ram lamb is unbelievably cute, unfortunately he will have to be sold as a wether....he is a bit cow hocked so he would not be good for breeding, but he will make someone a nice fiber pet or ram companion.

Crosswinds Theodore.

Teddy is another one of the boys that I am undecided about. His dam "Willow" is one of my favorite ewes. He looks as though he will have Willow's wonderful fleece, good conformation and tiny little fluke tail. He looks like he is a "half poll" he started with flat horn buds that eventually grew to less than 1/4 inch and then one fell off yesterday. I will have to watch him and check with the "polled Shetland people" for a better idea of what he would be classified as.

Crosswinds Isabella
Bella will be staying here. She is a VERY friendly girl (I don't think we spoiled her or anything)and she has really soft single coated fleece and good conformation.

These are ,of course, the new, they don't have names yet, but they are both scrumptious!

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