Sunday, September 2, 2007

Why don't I ever listen?

Just a quick thought for the day. If you are making salsa and the recipe says "wear gloves when cutting up the Jalapeno peppers", a wise person might listen to that advice. Theoretically speaking, it probably would be prudent for someone, say me for a hypothetical example, to heed such a reason I mention this, not like my hands are burning or anything.


~*Sarah*~ said...


If it makes you feel better, here's one for future reference:

If your husband makes salsa (using said jalepenos) and then - after chopping a few - puts the rest in a ziploc not...DO NOT...lift said bag to wipe the top of the microwave. More importantly, don't rub the inside corner of your eyes because your contacts itch.

Your eyes will instantlyBURN with a fury you've never experienced before. Even more important, DO NOT rub them again thinking you must have rubbed something into them. You did, and you just did it again.

At about this point - a few minutes have gone by - you will put two and two together, and realize you just maced yourself...twice.

A few minutes later, you can finally open your eyes, and you'll see your toddler looking at you as if you've lost your mind. He can't figure out why a grown woman would pace the house with her eyes squinched shut. =P

...or so I've heard anyway...

Marie said...

Geeeee, sure can't tell that the two of you are genetically linked!! Scary. :^)

shepherdchik said...

Yes, like hiccupp said...don't run your eyes!

Tina T-P said...

Ohhh - better your hands, than your lips and nose, or like hiccup said, your eyes - yike!

How is your baby llama doing? That Daisy has lovely looking fleece and she is so pretty.

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