Monday, October 1, 2007

Rocky and Teddy

After a lot of consideration I have decided that tomorrow Rocky and Teddy will be going to the vet and returning with a couple less body parts. Rocky is a very sweet ram with exceptional fleece, unfortunately he has aberrant horns, and at this time I am not breeding for polled genetics, so he will not be used for breeding. I had contemplated selling him to someone who does breed for polled, but he has such nice fleece (which is already spoken for for next year), that I will, at least for now, be keeping him as a fiber pet.

Pay no attention to his muddy nose, I am not sure what he was doing!

This picture doesn't do his fleece justice, but it is quite yummy and lustrous.

This is Teddy, I had hoped that he too would go to a polled breeder, but things didn't work out that way. He had only tiny 1/4 inch nubs as a lamb that broke off a couple of times and then never grew back. He has a tiny little tail, nice wool on the poll and is spotted under all that gorgeous fleece. Teddy has been sold as a fiber pet and will be going to his new home in Iowa City sometime after he is wethered.

I think that his new owner will be very happy with this pretty fiber, but I am sad to see him go : (.


Michelle said...

WOW! I think both fleeces are beautiful - LOTS of crimp - and that Teddy is a prize! Seems like there are poll-carriers all over the Midwest, but they are much harder to find out here. (Remember, my tiny-scur boy had to be imported from AZ!) If I had money and pasture to burn, I'd be collecting all these beautiful poll-carriers for my program. Alas, I must keep my operation very small for now....

~*Sarah*~ said...

Aw, poor guys. Never saw it comin'.

Zach says you can't get rid of Rocky...ever. Ok, I might have told him to say that ;)

Juliann said...

Awwwww..... ;)

shepherdchik said...

Wow, what a nice silver fleece. Too bad no one wanted to use them for breeding polled.

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