Saturday, February 16, 2008

What do people without pets do for entertainment?

This time of year it can be very difficult to find things that make us smile. Luckily those of us that surround ourselves with a menagerie of creatures can usually find some amusement, however small, in the everyday things that our animals do. Here are some random observations.

We have been finding mysterious "lumps" in our comforter after the bed is made everyday.
Upon further investigation, we discovered that Baxter, tired of the long winter, has decided to burrow up between the layers of bedding every morning to make a cozy place to "hybernate" and remains there for most of the day. Sometimes he switches things up and goes into the spare bedroom for a little variation of the routine.
He does come out occasionally to check if spring has made it's arrival, but I think he sees his shadow and returns to his burrow. Maybe I am getting paranoid from being house bound for so it my imagination or do Jordan and Sophia look as though they are concocting a diabolical plan? Yes, I am sure of it, Jordan is wispering something to Sophia........


I am not sure how my sheep have learned to be such great actresses. I feed them, I know that I have fed them, they know that they have been fed, and yet the next time I pass by their barn, they all baaaaaaaa like they are starving in such a convincing manner that I start to doubt myself............I fed them didn't I? Either they are incredibly devious and conniving, or I am becoming increasingly feeble-minded. Given the girth of my girls, I am going with the devious and conniving theory.

Just some random thoughts from someone who clearly has been trapped in a winter wonderland for too long!


Kathy said...

It must be a world-wide conspiracy amongst sheep - mine tell me they are starving all the time. Now they are complaining there is no pasture. I tell them the pasture is still there, but under snow so they will just have to be patient and wait for spring to come...they stare at me for a bit, then ask for more food.

~*Sarah*~ said...

LOL...ok that second picture of sophie and jordan...they do look a little conspiracy-esque.

I think Baxter has the right idea. If this keeps up, I might join him...

Nancy K. said...

You are SO right, Corinne! Not only do the animals make me smile ~ they keep me company! I find that I am never "lonely" even though I live "alone". I talk to my animals and they most definitely respond. My ex-husband comes to visit and tells me all about the horrors of his dating exploits and I just laugh! You couldn't PAY me to start dating. But Don gets lonely. He doesn't have anyone to talk to. I told him to get a dog....


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