Friday, May 15, 2009

Lamb updates

I thought I would do a quick update on the lambs now that they have all arrived and are growing by leaps and bounds....quite literally. As an added bonus, I actually have names for them all, which is highly unusual for me...normally I keep something around for months before a name comes to me.
Crosswinds Lunar Eclipse, "Luna". Luna will be staying here.Titan. Titan is a little tank of a guy. Titan has been reserved.
Phoebe. I haven't decided yet if she is staying permanently or not, I will have to evaluate her further....she is so stinking cute!
Ariel. Nice little ag/grey ewe. Ariel will be for sale. Reserved

Cassiopeia, black flecket ewe."Cassie", she is definitely staying.
Callisto, nice musket ewe with very soft fleece. Callie is a very....umm...."sturdy" girl. Callie will be for sale. ReservedMagnus. Nice ag/grey ram. Magnus has been reserved pending horn evaluation.
Halley. Moorit gulmoget ewe......duh, of course Halley is staying!

Sagan. Really nice, square, flecket (spotted) rammy with awesome fleece.

And then there is Ferdinand. I don't know quite what to make of Ferdie. He reminds me a bit of a Shetland mule, but he has got the most incredible fleece ever! He looks to be half polled at this point. He had little horn buds that only grew about a half and inch and then fell off. I knew that his dam probably carried polled genetics, but I was hoping that Khazar's genetics would dominate. My first inclination was to wether him, but with that fleece I am hoping that someone could use him in a polled breeding flock.

Ferdinand's fleece.

Random lambie pics.

Phoebe, Luna and Sagan.

"Hey, buddy, you have this horn thing stuck on your head, let me chew it off for you."

"Back off you little pip squeak, I am not a jungle gym!"

"You're not so bad, for a little sister."


Rayna said...

I'm very glad you're keeping the girls you are...Altho...Callie might be tempting...ugh! lol.

Miss Effie said...

Phoebe is sooo cute!! And soft and cuddly. Ya got to give the girl a chance!!! Or me enough time to win the lotto so I can buy more land!

Nancy K. said...

WOW! Nice lambs, Jules!!

Michelle said...

Halley reminds me of Bronwen. That llama pic is too funny!

Anonymous said...

I saw a profile about your sheep and you in Radish Magazine. We live near Macomb and are just starting out on our farming adventure. I want to have sheep someday, maybe next spring.

Ebonwald Cardigans said...

Corinne. remember our discussion of your spotted ram......keep me posted....

Kara said...


Beautiful lambs, I love all your keepers especially but I think you HAVE to add Phoebe to the list. She is adorable...says the one that is keeping 7 ewe lambs!

tbsomeday said...

oh, TOO CUTE!! especially that last picture....LOVED IT!
ferdinand look's like he has an jheri curl in the making, lol
aw..little "stocky"'s ok :)
i don't know how you pick
i'd keep them all!
they are growing so fast

Unknown said...

Beautful pics of your lambs!! It is so hard to decide who to keep and who needs to be sold...I need more land:) I love the lamb and llama picture!!

Jenny Holden said...

Gorgeous photos! A really nice bunch of lambs. I'll swap you... Phoebe can come to the Smali Flock and one of my boys can move to Crosswinds...

Christine said...

I'm head over heals in love with Callie. I wish you lived closer.

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