Sunday, December 20, 2009

10 reasons why I need to stay busy

You might wonder, now that my fall craft show season is over and the next show isn't until February, whether or not I am taking some time off and relaxing a bit. In answer to that question-yes, I have taken a bit of time to get many of the projects completed around the house that were put on the back burner while I was running back and forth to craft shows over the past few months. I have painted nearly every room in our house and am now in the process of rehanging pictures, rearranging furniture and generally putting the house back in order. Whether or not that sounds relaxing, I don't know, but it is for me.
Now that my inside projects are nearing completion, I took some time today to give the animals some attention. I thought that it might be nice to take some holiday photos while I was out with my little friends. They were all so happy that I was spending time with them. I was very busy with the animals today...very busy indeed.
First I spent some quality time with the kitties. They were so excited.
Then I went out to give my sheepies some much-needed attention.
Can't you see the happiness on their little faces?

Of course the dogs really wanted to spend some time with me as well. They weren't wagging their tails or anything, but I could tell how thrilled they were that I was with them.

"Please mom, go back to work...pleeease?"
I couldn't tell for sure what the chickens were thinking, but I bet they had a good time as well.

"Somebody, make it stop!"
"Here, Mira, let me get this ridiculous thing off of you.....what is that crazy woman thinking???"

Hmmm, maybe it's a good thing that I don't normally have a lot of free time.


Spring Lake Farm said...

Too funny! (especially the cats, don't you know they are plotting your demise...) ;)

Judy T said...

Cute! I love the long, pointy ones- antlers or horns?

Shula said...

The face of the dog with the Christmas lights on their head really sums it up best lol. Go be productive :)

tbsomeday said... always make me laugh! that's what you get for having your baking out of the way.

the pictures were really adorable and very impressive!
I would not have thought it possible to balance antlers on a cat or get them on a chicken! creative and very animal "whispery"

the faces were great!
your dalmation does the same head stretch thing my border collie does, lol

Christine said...

My husband and I are both in hysterics. Each photo just kept getting better and better. By the time I got to the chicken I had tears streaming down my face.

~*Sarah*~ said...

LOL!! ok, I'm DYING over the 3 dogs picture. When you get that face from know you've gone too far!!! ;) She's got to be the most tolerant dog in the world, and if even she thinks you're good man :)

angelandspot said...

Love the sheep photos. :)

thecrazysheeplady said...

This is just hilarious. Chickens too? Classic! :-D

Unknown said...

Very cute post! I am wondering what happened to the go with them and the Christmas cheer?:)

Mom L said...

Ho ho ho!!! You gave me quite a huge smile!!!

Nancy in Iowa

Claire MW said...

Oh my gosh I just laughed so hard it hurt. Those are priceless pictures. You are so funny. Thanks for the laughs. I feel better now, having been given a beating this morning by not-so-sweet Ferdie who is apparently feeling very rammy. I got a thigh wallop from out of nowhere. Time to get that vet over here!!

Angie Litterst said...

I love that you are insane!

melanie said...


Riz said...

The thing about the "crazy woman" is so hilarious!!!!!


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