Thursday, March 17, 2011

Just stuffs!

OK, I guess it's time for a new post. I received a  message from my friend Angie, in which she was harassing me for slacking on my blog duties....which I find just a liiiiiittle bit humorous, because her blog has not been updated since December....of  2008.
Spring is finally trying to arrive. The mercury climbed to almost SEVENTY degrees today! The grass is beginning to grow, the wild birds are fighting over nesting spots, and there's this------------------------->
Yes, the lamb countdown gadget is down to 22 days, twenty-two! How did that happen?
The ewes are growing larger every day.....some more so than others.

Remember this picture of Willow from the end of January?

This is what she looks like today-with at least three weeks left to go!
I will admit that some of that gargantuan size is due to her fleece; Willow has the longest fleece of all my ewes, but there is still a whole lotta baby belly there too! She has only had twins once, and she typically is a pretty big girl-even when she has single lambs, but, seriously, what has she got in there?
Speaking of fleece, I have an appointment with my shearer on Saturday afternoon....that is...I have an appointment-as long as the weather cooperates and we don't get more rain.

I am so tired of wet weather and mud. I am waiting for the day when I don't have to wear these anymore....not the chickens, the boots..although I usually do end up wearing a few chickens most days...the boots are infinitely more annoying.

Oh, I'm sorry, I digress, we were talking about shearing, weren't we?
I am excited to get shearing done because the naked sheep bellies will give me a better idea of what to expect for lambies next month. Also, some of the sheep have started to roo (shedding off last year's fleece)  and I don't want to lose any more fleece before the shearer gets here, so I hope we can stick to the scheduled date.
Ande is shedding his fiber as well; which is OK because my shearer refuses to shear llamas. I can't blame him...this is the face I see when I try to pull the loose fiber off of Ande. Despite the fact that he appears to be smiling, this is not a happy llama face!

He is harmless though, I still get little bits of fiber off of him until he grows impatient with the process.
The coming weeks will be a flurry of activity: shearing, lambing, gardening....oh, and look! My rhubarb is coming up!
Sorry, I got distracted again.....I was saying that this will be a busy time here in our little corner of Iowa. In addition to the aforementioned activities.......I am thinking about some Chicken Math......just sayin' need to be prepared for that.

I will just leave you with this~
"O.M.G!! I can't believe she still thinks this is funny!"

"She knows we hate her, right?"

"The old woman has finally lost it!"

 "You think this is funny?"
"Go ahead and laugh mom, I'm totally pooping on you next time you walk under my perch!"

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!


luckybunny said...

Love the pictures, you always have great ones! :)

Michelle said...

Very muddy here, too, ESPECIALLY in the chicken yard. But we have come nowhere close to 70 degrees yet....

Teresa said...

Love those animals dressed for St. Paddy's Day! I had to do that to my goats too! I frequently see that look on my llama's face. I certainly wouldn't want to mess with that either.

Christine said...

LOL Hey, I still think it is funny. Priceless even.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I really enjoyed your post and hope you've had a good day!!! The mud will dry up soon enough... :-))

Ebonwald Cardigans said...

um my rhubarb is under 2 feet of snow yet and today's high was like 45. just sayin'

let me know about chickens please!!

The Little Red Hen said...

Love the St. Patrick day photos! So cute. Spring is defiantly on its way. Life is picking up everywhere.

Becky Utecht said...

I love those photos with the St. Patrick's Day theme! And yes, that ewe is looking huge. Good luck with your shearing on Saturday. We're having ours done that morning. No rain in the forecast. Can't wait to see what's what under all that wool. :-)

Angie Litterst said...

Well it's about time! Since I have pretty much given up on my blog at this point, I prefer to stalk you instead. LOL! And what kind of chicken is that in the last two photos? I have one that looks identical that I hatched from those eggs I got from your neighbor. She's my currently broody hen I told you about.

Linda said...

Great photos! And I am so looking forward to another season of chicken math!!!!!!!!!

Crosswinds Farm said...

Thanks, Lucky Bunny!

Michelle, it is really unusual for it to be quite this warm yet-but we'll take it!

Teresa, I will have to check out your goats!

I know, really shouldn't encourage me though!

Thanks, Kim! It looks like it will be good and dry for shearing tomorrow-I can't wait!

Garrett-call me, we'll talk chickens.

Kathy-have fun with your new lambs, they are adorable!

Becky, Good luck shearing tomorrow! I hope you post pictures of your naked sheep too : )

Angie, that is my Blue Cochin. They are the absolute best chickens if you want a pet, or a broody, but they are terrible for producing least mine are. I love her though.

Linda...I think that everyone loves chicken long as it is happening to someone else ; ).

Kelly said...

Can I just say that no matter how bad my day seems to me, your blog always, and I mean always, makes me smile.
ps-don't tell Garrett, but I'm going to stash a couple roos in his truck when he leaves on Sunday. shhhhhh. Chicken math indeed.

Spinners End Farm said...

I've been taking chicken math tutorials from you Corinne...that's why we have so many different kinds of chickens! So far forty some odd (who is counting) of 18 different breeds. No blue cochins though! hmmm....

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