Friday, January 6, 2012

I am here, I am here, I am here!


I will be surprised if any of you are still reading my blog after my long absence! You can cancel the missing persons report, call off the cadaver dogs, I am still alive!

The problem is- it is winter, in Iowa, and I have been feeling a little like this.....

Let's see....where did we leave off?
Ah, yes, when we last 'spoke' the chicks were but wee little fledglings. By now the chicks have grown by leaps and bounds and they are looking like.....well..... real, live chickens.

You may be wondering what ever became of the little Egyptian Fayoumi? Well, as suspected, the truth became apparent when the chicks reached the tender age of 5 weeks old. One morning I opened the door of the coop and was greeted by a pitiful attempt at a faint crowing sound - similar to a crackling voice of a teenage boy - this confirmed my suspicions, she is a he. He is almost all grown up now.

 I must admit that he did not grow to become as hideous as I had anticipated.

....except when he crows.

I was also 'gifted' another rooster in that batch of chicks. Note: even when you uncheck the box that asks if you want a free rare breed chick with your order, you will still get one, and you can be pretty sure it will be a rooster.
This guy is an Easter Egger.

"Aren't I cute though?"

In sheepy news, when last we met, the rams had just been set up on their blind dates and I 'promised' to let you know which ewes were bred to which rams. You should know by now that my promises are meaningless! OK, so I am a little slow, especially since the breeding groups have been broken up for nearly a month already, but here it is.

Firth Of Fifth Avyt.
Avyt sired some gorgeous lambs for me last spring. He won Supreme Champion Shetland ram at the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool festival last year. I was thrilled to lease him from Sommarang Farm in Wisconsin for breeding again last fall. Here he is pictured with his owner, Lori Stephenson.

Yep, he is a pretty handsome guy even with his broken horn.

Blind dates #1 and #2
Mira ( Sheltering Pines Mirabile Visu) and Ash (Crosswinds Ashumet) were two of Avyt's lady loves. I am hoping to get some gulmogets ( the pattern on both of these ewes) or possibly a spotted gulmoget from Ash, since she carries spots and Avyt is spotted.

Bachelorette #3.
Crosswinds Luna. I. LOVE. LUNA. Luna has gorgeous conformation and really nice fleece. She is the dam of Athena, my ewe lamb that won third place in a large class at the Jefferson, Wisconsin show last fall.
Love her.

Bachelorette #4
Crosswinds Menemsha. Menemsha is a beautiful, mioget girl with fabulous fleece.

Girlfriend #5 is Sommarang Edrea. 
Edrea is standing funny in this pic, but she has great conformation and lovely fleece.

Lady #6 is Sommarang Dolly (Lilly). 
Lilly has very nice conformation and good fleece, she is not the fanciest ewe, but she consistently has some of the nicest little lambs. She was paired with Avyt last year and gave birth to a stunning set of triplets.

Lucky #7 is Crosswinds Natale Holly. She is a pretty katmoget ewe with very fine fleece, and she carries spots....and an attitude. Holly's hobbies are: taking long walks in the pasture and head-butting the other ewes, finding chicken escapees and head-butting them back to their own pasture, and making threatening postures to our 12-year-old Golden Retriever on the other side of the fence...who she would like to head-butt if not for the aforementioned fence between them. She's a lady, whoa, whoa, whoa, she's a lady.

And, Last of Avyt's ladies, but not least, is Crosswinds Mountain Laurel. She seems to be doing the splits in this picture, but she is a very nicely conformed ewe with great fleece. She gave me twin spotted RAM lambs last spring, so I am hoping for girls from her this year. C'mon Laurel!

Next we have a nice ram that I got from my friend Garrett- White Pine Nessie's Monster Mash......or, as we like to call him, M&M. 
M&M is just a young lad, so he only had two girlie friends. This little guy has gorgeous conformation, fine fleece and, so far, his horns are looking really good. He took third place in a large Ram lamb class at the Jefferson show last fall. He may carry spots ( fingers crossed).

His lady loves are: 
Crosswinds Halley. 
I paired her with M&M because she doesn't have the best conformation in her rear end and I don't love her tail...M&M has a very wide, square rear and a perfect little tail, so the hope is that his good traits will correct her faults in any lambs they have...that is the hope. This could be an interesting pair. Both Halley and M&M may carry spots. He is katmoget, and she is gulmoget. Halley also carries solid...not sure about her boyfriend. So there are lots of lambie possibilities. Katmoget, gulmoget, solid, spotted, kat/gul (both katmoget and gulmoget patterns expressed ) or any of those patterns with spots. It's almost like Chicken Math!

And the last of M&M's soon-to-be baby Mamas is Crosswinds Bellona ( Bella). I am really hoping that M&M and this little lady will throw some spots. She is my wild child, but her fleece is yummy!

Well, boys and girls, that gets you caught up on the sheep and chicken shenanigans for now, plus you can now be pretty certain that I am not dead, so there is that.

I will be a better blogger. I will be a better blogger. I will be a better blogger....that's for you, Little Cuz.


Michelle said...

Well, of COURSE I haven't left; I just keep an eye on my reading list for a new post. You have such nice sheep (pretty chickies, too); I HAVE to come drool whenever I can. Such fab ewes and rams; fine fleece AND spots. And I really like Mr. Easter Egger; I have a couple EE girls who could make very nice chickies with him....

Claire MW said...

Wow, what a great roundup of pictures and news! I love the fayoumi - he's so cute! I am also very jealous of all your sheep. I do have 2 now, but they are still so little (only born in May) and it'll be a long time before I have any lambs around here.

Mary Ann said...

Loved this post! Welcome back!

luckybunny said...

Glad to see you back and for the updates and pictures!

Unknown said...

Nope, still keeping up with you. And of course, still trying to figure out how to fit a future Crosswinds lamb into my suitcase!

IsobelleGoLightly said...

Hello! I'm here tooo! My lady loves those chickens and your gorgeous sheep! I think you need some beautiful goats. Then your farm would be complete! Tee hee.

Nutztierarche-Stocksee said...

Thank you for the wonderful pictures, Corinne.
It´s very interesting for me to see the different colors of your sheep and to read the names. I still need five names for my shetland ewes. :-D
Kind regards from Germany, Astrid

Cynthia said...

Thanks for posting the photos of Avyt. I haven't seen him since I gave him to Maureen at a few months old and have always wondered how he turned out. Looks like you have a lovely flock there.

Crosswinds Farm said...

Michelle, Claire, Mary Ann and Lucky Bunny, I am so glad you are still with me, I vow to keep up with my blog in the future!

Zan, I will work on making you a travel-sized lamb....or just move out here. Problem solved ;).

Oh, Isobelle, I could never find any goaties as lovely as you are!

Astrid, my goodness, name those sheepies :).

Cynthia, you should be very proud of Avyt. He is an amazing ram with perfect conformation and fantastic fleece. He put really, really wonderful fleece on his babies too! He is always a perfect gentleman - very respectful of people. I am lucky that I get to have him here for 2 years. I love him! You can email me privately if you want more pictures of him....'cause I am known to take pictures from time to time :).

Nancy K. said...

I'm so glad that you're not dead!

Kelly said...

I am sooo happy to see you back blogging. I missed you my friend.
And tell Cynthia that I have an Avyt son from your brilliant pairing of him with Laurel last year and he is fabulous. :) And he's turned out to be Shaela instead of Emsket. Weirdest lamb fleece ever, just kept changing.

Stoney Creek Homestead said...

Welcome Back!!

I, too, play at being 'MIA'.

Love the photos of the sheep.

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