Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Lambapalooza 2012

Quick update here before anyone else explodes.

Ashumet had a single black ram lamb this morning at 12:30am. Based on the size and shape of her enormous belly, I felt certain she was going to have twins, but clearly my ewes were just a bit over-conditioned this year. And by "over-conditioned", I mean they have a little extra junk in the trunk this year. A lot. Okay, it's every year. Whatever.

Ash's ram lamb

Holly had a spectacular set of twins yesterday afternoon. 
As you may know, in addition to Saturday, Tuesday is my other Farmers' Market day and I typically leave the house by 2 O'clock. Holly started labor at noon, so I told her, "Listen, Sister, you need to pop these babies out by 2:30, so I can go to I can buy you more food.....which you clearly don't need."
So, at precisely 2:30 both lambs were out and nursing. Thanks, Holly!

This is her ram lamb. The fleece looks promising on both of these babies, which I expected from Holly.
Though it's not perfect, her two-year-old micron was pretty decent:
Mic 26.0  /  SD 4.4/  CV 16.8/  CEM 7.6/  CF 85.4/  SF 24.5/  CRV 64.1 

Below is her lovely little fawn katmoget ewe lamb. Biggify to check out the fleece on this little girl....who is more than likely staying right here, BTW.

Interestingly, the four ewes that have yet to lamb have been continually lying around together outside....maybe they are seeking solitude from the indoor maternity ward..
Fingers crossed that I get some sleep tonight!


Michelle said...

I think Holly's micron results are GREAT! She's on the low end of Grade 2 (fine), with qualities that make her FEEL like a Grade 1 (superfine). If you don't like her that much, you can ship her to Oregon. ;-)

Kelly said...

I love Lambapalooza!!! And I agree with Michelle, Holly has great numbers.

The Little Red Hen said...

lovely lambies- can't wait to see what else you have

Nancy K. said...

So far so good! Happy Dreams...

janna e said...

Looking at those big bellies, I'd say it is less about fleeing the noise and chaos of the maternity ward as it is that they just can't get up off the ground!

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