Monday, July 22, 2013

Ram lambs...okay, one ram lamb. More to follow.

Where is the summer going?!? 
I am so far behind on everything and I can't seem to catch up!
I have been trying to get pictures of the lambs that I have left for sale so that I can update my sales list, but time just seems to be slipping by!
At this point it looks like the ewes are all spoken for, but I still have a few ram lambs available.
Winchester is the only one that cooperated this morning.

Check my Shetlands for Sale page for more updates.

Winchester (Sommarang Ivar x Crosswinds Menemsha).
Nice solid moorit ram. Square conformation, great horns, very dense fleece and a perfect tail. His Sire is spotted and his dam is modified and carries spots, so he should throw some nice, colorful babies.

Contact me for more info: 
Check the Shetland Sheep for Sale page on this blog for updates..


Kelly said...

He's a looker. If you like that sort of know, lovely fleece, great presence, nice structure, perfect tail, nice horns............psssttt. (lol)

Tanmay Roy said...

Nice photos. What is the name of this breed?

Crosswinds Farm said...

These are Shetland Sheep, Tammy.

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