Sunday, April 22, 2007

Busy weekend!

After the arrival early Friday morning of Daisy's ram lamb, it looked like I would get a bit of a break before anyone else went into labor, after all I did keep track on the calendar when each ewe's estimated delivery date would least the girls that I caught romancing Rocky last fall. The trouble seems to be that the girls did not read the calendar, and apparently, there was more romance going on than I ever observed.

This little cutie is Crosswinds #2 lamb....yeah, I know we need to think of some names. Her dam is Sommarang Dolly "Lilly". Lilly belongs to my sister who lives in town, so Lilly stays here with us. Baby # 2 is a moorit yuglet flecket ( dark brown spots and eye patches) with her daddy's crimpy soft fleece. She arrived at 1:30 yesterday afternoon. I thought, GREAT, beautiful warm day, delivery in the daylight, perfect! It was a relatively easy delivery for a first time mom and she did a great job. Wonderful, everyone is done for a couple days...according to my calendar....until, doing my evening check on everyone. Hmmmm, uh oh, why does Willow look all "poochy" in her nether region? For you non-sheepy folk "nether region" is not technical sheepy term....I digress. At 4 a.m. this morning Willow presented me with a very handsome ram lamb, who's picture this blog is not letting me post for some reason. I will post some pictures later. According to my calendar, I should be able to get some sleep tonight .


Nancy K. said...

you little SH_T!!!! Why didn't you tell me you started a blog??? I LOVE it! Too funny ~ the three hens!

Should I put a link to you on my blog?

How fun! Now we can stay in touch visually as well as by print. I love seeing your babies.

Crosswinds Farm said...

Hah! I was hiding until I get this blogging figured out! Not everyone has it down to a fine science like you ;). Link me up, baby!

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