Thursday, May 15, 2008

Back by popular demand

It has come to my attention that I have not been keeping my dear readers up to date on the latest goings on in the town of Eldridge. So here are some of the latest additions to the Eldridge police reports published in every one's favorite small town paper, The North Scott Press.
Now, this one is completely understandable. I very often find myself in the same situation, thinking...hey, I've been involved in some illicit activities this week, I think I will call and see if I am a wanted subject.
If you are going to come to Iowa you better make darn sure that you have an Iowa vehicle. We don't allow any out-of-staters hanging around causing trouble.

I heard that they may have been one of those out-of-state cleaning crews!
I am guessing that if someone would have approached this subject before calling the police, they might have figured out that he/she worked there.....oh, but wait, they did have a skateboard after all.

Here on the mean streets of Eldridge, population 4600, kids grow up hard. Wearing their gang colors, John Deere green and uhhh.... John Deere green. Always better to have the officials handle these dangerous, volatile situations.

In defense of the Muskrat, was he just innocently wandering by, or was he doing the creepy stalker thing and peering in the window at her? If it was the creepy stalker thing, she was totally justified in calling the authorities.

In farmy news, Ande had a visit on Monday morning from the veterinarian. She came and gave him some "sleepy shots" which caused him to take a nice little nap, after which he awakened to a couple less body parts in his nether regions. Here he is trying to wake up enough get his lips to move in the appropriate direction.

Sadly, he is still not speaking to me.


~*Sarah*~ said...

ohh...ribs hurt from laughing. You never can trust those suspicious out of state skateboarders, especially the young-uns. Oh and the muskrat, what on EARTH did she really think they would do? "excuse me sir? we've got some complaints from some of the residents here about you disturbing the peace. now I'm gonna have to ask you to move it along or I'll have to take you downtown." wait, does Eldridge HAVE a downtown? :)

Rayna said...

Absolutely hilarious :) Thanks for posting :)

Kristin said...

There are pictures at my blog if you want to see. They're cute.

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