Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Spring blossoms

It was an absolutely gorgeous day today, 80 degrees and sunny, such a welcomed change from the dreary weather last weekend. I have such a long list of chores that have been waiting for just this sort of a day that I had to narrow it down and prioritize my projects.

I decided to start with my garden, taking a cue from last Saturday's 40 degree daytime temperature, I thought that it would be best to first get in a few of the cooler weather crops until I am sure that the danger of frost has passed. I planted 2 long rows of peas, 200 onion sets, 4 rows of green beans and I threw in some garlic bulbs....although I think that it is best to plant garlic in the fall, I wanted to see what they would do...'cause I just don't have enough stuff to do.

I was very excited to see that, not only did my fruit blossoms survive the frost, the trees are absolutely laden with blossoms. As I was planting the garden the fragrant flowers were wafting their scent into the breeze reminding me how much I love springtime. Well, there was also the occasional hint of liquid hog manure being sprayed on the neighbor's fields, but I guess if that is a sign of spring as well....I'll take it!
Pear blossoms

Blossoms from one of the apple trees.

As I was taking pictures of the blossoms, I discovered this robin nest nestled tightly in the lower branches. Such stunning blue eggs.

Speaking of things that are laden.....Daisy is due on Thursday, I am fully expecting more solid babies.............but it would be nice if she surprised me with a few spots. C'mon Daisy it is almost Mother's Day.


Michelle said...

What a stunning close-up of robin's eggs! That's my mother's favorite color. Daisy is a pretty great color, too!

Nancy K. said...

You BETTER get spots from THAT girl!!!

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