Sunday, July 20, 2008

Enough with the Japanese beetles!

The Japanese beetles have totally destroyed my plum tree.

And now they have moved on to my flowers....... I just thought you should know.


Nancy K. said...

That is SO hideous!! Those suckers are getting SCARY!

Kara said...

They are bad here too! I just bought some of those traps, I'll let you know if find them any help.

melanie said...

Please forgive me if this suggestion seems obvious or has already been tried...but I have managed to stave off the monsters with children - each equipped with a glass jar with a few drops of gasoline in the bottom and a promise of a dollar for every inch of beetles they add to the jar. (Tomato sauce jars or peanut butter jars are about the right diameter...they get discouraged too easily if you give in to the temptation to use huge relish jars) Mine work pretty diligently for those dollars, and I take their collections, cap the jars for a day or so, then dump the contents into the fireplace, and whoosh! light a match. The gas fumes kill the beetles, and there is just barely enough actual gas when it is time to incinerate them to get your own juices going with revengeful satisfaction as they burn up.

Hah! Eat my plants, will you!

Crosswinds Farm said...

I know Nancy, now they are moving on to my good apple trees :-(.

Kara, I was going to try that, but I am afraid that if I put those traps up I will just attract more buggies!

Melanie, I LOVE your idea of exacting revenge on the little shiny plant eaters (sizzle, sizzle). It wouldn't work for me though, there are thousands of them since we basically live in the middle of a soybean my kids are in college so the chances of getting them to do anything for a dollar are slim to none LOL! I do enjoy tapping some of them into a bucket and then tossing them into the chicken coop though :-0. The bugs, not the kids.

Michelle said...

With that kind of an infestation, my chickens would become free-range birds, and I'd probably quadruple my flock just for added help!

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