Saturday, August 9, 2008

Lamb updates....finally!

I was still having trouble convincing my sheep that they needed to have their pictures taken today, so this is going to be as good as it gets.

I tried to post older pictures of each one as a small lamb, and then a current photo following. So here they are, without further ado, the good, the bad, and the somewhat less attractive.

First we have Crosswinds Fiona. Fawn katmoget ewe ( Sommarang Edrea x Sommarang Effrem). Very sweet ewe with outstanding fleece and conformation...gotta love that katmoget fleece! Fiona is staying here.

Baby pic.
Here she is all grown up.
Below-Crosswinds Briannah (SheepyHollow Red Trillium x Sommarang Effrem). I love this little ewe. She is very feminine with a slighter build. Awesome conformation, fleece and tail. Briannah will be leaving for her new home in Missouri the middle of the month.
Baby Bri

Big Bri

Below-Crosswinds Fallon (SheepyHollow Lovey x Sommarang Effrem)
Black krunet ewe lamb. Fallon has nice conformation with a larger build, intermediate fleece and good tail. She has always been a clown, very sweet and friendly. Fallon is still for sale $200.

Little Fallon

Big Fallon
Below-Crosswinds Guinivere (SheepyHollow Lovey x Sommarang Effrem) Twin to Fallon. Guinivere is a great little ewe. Nice conformation, fleece and tail. Guinivere is staying here for now.
Baby Guinivere

Big Guinivere...she is very athletic and had aspirations of becoming a basketball player, but alas, no opposable thumbs.
Below-Crosswinds Aleena (Sommarang Daisy x Sommarang Effrem). Aleena has great conformation and a good tail, her fleece is wonderfully crimpy. She is one of the youngest lambs, and looks like she will be a small ewe. Her dam is one of my favorite ewes with wild spotting and is modified, so I am going to keep Aleena to see what the heck she ends up like.
Little Leeny
Slightly larger Leeny
Now for the boys.

Below-This is Oliver. (Thistle Keep Teleus Longtail x Sommarang Effrem). Oliver has turned out to be a handsome boy with great fleece. Oliver is now wethered and will be making his home in Missouri with Briannah.
Below-Dillon (twin to Oliver). Dillon is also a wether. He actually has beautiful, square conformation, a tiny tail, and has awesome, soft, black fleece, but he has small scurs ( horns) and I haven't had much luck selling scurred rams, so he was wethered and is still available as a fiber pet. $75 Very sweet boy. Dillon... leaning on the fence.
Below-Broderick (Sommarang Daisy x Sommarang Effrem) 'Brody' is a gorgeous black, smirslet, sokket, ram lamb.

I think the appropriate shorthand would be written as HsT (since he only has 2 socks....Nancy?)

Baby Brody
I love this ram lamb. He has excellent conformation, fleece and tail. Like all ram lambs, it will be a test of time to see how his horns develop, my only concern is his left horn, which at this point looks like it may end up a bit tight. Time will tell. He is Aleena's twin, so he is the youngest of the boys and has a lot more growing to do. Technically, I have him for sale on my website ($150), but I am not 100% convinced that I want to sell him..
Big Broderick..or Spartacus, as my kids call him...helmet and chin strap, I guess.

Nice bum, eh?

Crosswinds Duncan (SheepyHollow Red Trillium x Sommarang Effrem) nice moorit krunet ram lamb. Carries spotting Genetics. Great conformation and fleece, excellent tail. Horns look good so far. $150

Next, sadly, we have disappointing yearling rams :-(.
Here are some yearling rams that I held over to watch their development. Unfortunately, I had some horn issues last year and was disappointed in how these boys turned out.

No, I am not going to hide my 'mistake sheep'... everyone has some, though you may not always see them. After all, genetics are a funny thing, haven't you ever been at a family reunion and thought...seriously, am I related to these people? Really? We have the same genetics? Are you kidding me?

Crosswinds Maxamillion ( Thistle Keep Sage Brush Vole x Underhill Gulliver AI) F2 Dillon. Ag Gulmoget ram. I had high hopes for this guy. Smaller ram with gorgeous, square conformation, nice single coated fleece and awesome tail. His right horn cleared fine, but the left one is growing inward, he did injure it when he was young, but I can't say that that has anything to do with the growth now. D profile horns. I guess he could be wethered for a fiber pet, with his horn trimmed, but what a shame.....

This conformation....
This fleece.....
And this teeny, tiny, tail...
Below-Crosswinds Apollo ( SheepyHollow Red Trillium x Bluff Country Rock Star)
Really nice moorit flecket yearling ram. Very nice conformation and great tail, with fleece almost as awesome as his sire's. Apollo's Sire, Rocky, has TO DIE FOR Fleece, and Apollo's comes pretty close. Unfortunately, his D profile horns are really tight. If anyone has a use for one of these wonky horned boys (wether? Cross-breeding?) email me.

You will notice in my earlier post that I purchased a ram lamb for my future flock sire that looks like he will have really wide horns....if that doesn't work I may have to get a ram from Juliann, dammit! LOL. She raises polled Shetlands (no horns). Obviously, I need to take a better look at some of my ewes' horn genetics as well, since these two boys' sires are completely unrelated.

Ewes still for sale.

Crosswinds Sophia (Thistle Keep SageBrush Vole x Underhill Gulliver AI), F2 Dillon. Nice, bigger yearling ewe with great conformation and tail. Nice wool on cheeks and poll. She has tiny horn buds that grow about 1/4" and then break off. More of a double coated fleece $200. Very sweet and friendly.
SheepyHollow Red Trillium ( Sommarang Claire x WVF McGyver). Two year old moorit Flecket ewe. Nice conformation and tail, beautiful, soft, crimpy shorter staple length fleece. Wonderful mother, no lambing problems. $200. Not a particularly friendly ewe, but not wild, by any means. This picture was taken in the rain, so her fleece is a bit soggy. As always, I am willing to negotiate prices if my sheepies are going to good homes.

So there you have it, I have some really nice sheep...and some that have issues. As with most breeders, I am always working on improving my flock by adding genetics that will help correct any perceived problems....I can't do anything about anyone's family reunion though...


Kara said...

Great pictures, thanks for the lamb update. I love the young lamb and older lamb comparison. Your Katmoget ewe lamb is my favorite, I do love the kats. Had a recent horn injury here, hoping it will all work out okay, it was on my favorite ram lamb. I think I might end up going with a polled ram from Juliann someday too!!!!!!

Nancy K. said...

Broderick does, indeed, appear to be HsT. You also have him denoted as flecket. I don't see any body white. Am I missing something?

Wonderful post!

Some very beautiful fleeces on your lambs...

See ya soon!

Crosswinds Farm said...

Kara, the katmoget ewe is my fav too :).
Nancy, you didn't miss anything, It was way, way past my bedtime when I finally finished that post, he is not flecket, but apparently my brain was flecket:-0.

Tammy said...

Nice post. You've got some real beauties. I also appreciate seeing the ones that are having 'issues'. What a stinking shame about Maximillion. I love that guy! I have a little ramling (my first yuglet/flecket) and I really don't know if his horns are going to clear either. He comes from pretty solid horn genetics, but evidently that doesn't make much difference! argh..

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