Thursday, August 28, 2008

Yarn and eggs and stuff

Okay, where did August go? This is a quick update as to what has been happening here lately.

A very nice family from Des Moines came out last weekend to look at sheep, they are planning on starting a spinners flock, and decided to take Broderick and Sophia home with them. It is always sad to see lambies go, and it was especially hard to see Sophia go. She is a yearling, so I have had a lot more time to get attached to her. Of course, Broderick was one of my favorite ram lambs, but I know that they have a great home now and will be well cared for.

Good-bye Spartacus!So long Sophia :(.

My spinner has once again worked her magic with my fleece. I have started getting my hand spun yarn back, and it is just beautiful.....maybe I should learn to knit my spare time...'cause I have a LOT of that.

This is some of my favorite yarn. It is from my wether (castrated) Diego.

He has the most incredible fleece. Soft, crimpy, lots of luster, gorgeous.
But poor little Diego, there is a reason why he is a wether.....or a lot of reasons. He is absolutely the cutest little guy, super friendly, adorable. However, he is a complete disaster as far as conformation. This little guy looks like he was put together at five o'clock on a Friday night..with leftover a group of workers that had done waaaay too much overtime...and were drinking....yup, that about sums it up. But he has great fleece, and I love, love, love him.
I am donating some hand spun to the silent auction at Jefferson, and I am planning on bringing the last two Diego skeins (I sold the rest the first day I had them and I squirreled away two skeins).

We have been working on the new chicken yard. That project got moved up on the priority list after we lost several of our chickens to a fox last week. He brazenly went into the horse barn and grabbed some of the girls that roost there at night, and was still curled up sleeping in the barn the next morning when I went out to do chores. We lost Frostbite, Naked Chicken and one of the Blue Laced Red Roosters. We had to move our free range girls into the coop with the younger girls. White Chicken is most certainly not amused. All of the chickens will now have a fenced run for the daytime and will be confined at night.

Some of the little girls that you have seen grow up on this blog, have started laying eggs, with varying degrees of success. Hmmm, small, smaller, smallest.
Just to give you a point of reference for the smallest egg, this cracks me up (no pun intended), I have never seen a chicken egg this small. I should open it to see what the heck is in there.

Sorry for the brief update, things should hopefully get back to "normal" after I get back from Jefferson.


melanie said...

Sorry to hear about the chickens! We have been plagued by foxes this year as well, but none so brazen as yours!

Miss Effie said...

OMG!! That is the smallest egg I have ever seen! I'm betting (that penny, mind you) that there is no yolk in that egg!

And yes, you should learn how to knit. In all your free time. Can't wait to feel Willow's yarn -- the roving was such a beautiful color!

Kristin said...

That egg is hilarious. You should make a tiny omelet.

Crosswinds Farm said...

Thanks Melanie. Our little fox will no longer be a problem though, he crossed the line!As it turned out he was full of mange and pretty sickly, so he never would have made it through the winter anyway.

Effie, I have Willow back now :-).

Kristin, My curiousity got the better of me, and when I cracked that little egg open, as Effie guessed, there was no yolk in no teeny tiny omlet :-(.

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