Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I'm not worthy!!

First I have to say thank-you to Nancy K. for giving me this amazing blog award! What a nice surprise, and yes, Nancy, it is worth at least a pumpkin cake for I just have to figure out how to mail it to Minnesota!
I am not sure that I am worthy of an award for the nonsense that I put in my blog, but I am honored that Nancy would think of me : ).

Update on breeding groups.
I put breeding pens together on Sunday, and, as you probably predicted, I changed my mind....a little. In my last post on this subject matter, I solemnly declared that I was going to put my new ram with 3 ewes, 3. Well, I did.....and then I added one. I decided to add Sommarang Dolly to the group. I have a completely rational explaination for adding another ewe....give me a minute............more spots.

Rammy with the ladies.
I put Max in with his girls. What? Oh, yeah, I did say that I was only going to give Max two ewes didn't I? Here's the thing, I was afraid that with only two ewes, I might get all Ag and no gulmoget, so my chances are better for gullies with an extra ewe.......right? I never was good at math.


Rayna said...

hehehe, I like your math :)

Ebonwald Cardigans said...

HOORAY!! I'm so excited.

Remember, keep me posted....microns, pedigrees, etc etc....hey i miss you!

Ebonwald Cardigans said...

whose the other solid ewe in the 2nd group? where is sage? where is fiona! Aleena?

Crosswinds Farm said...

Rayna, YOU are an enabler!!!!

Hey Garrett! The other solid ewe is Fallon, I had her for sale but decided at the last minute to put her in with the boy. She has a longer staple with more of a loose crimp...and, yup, the girls are all related, but those are the only solid girls that I have.
Sage is not being bred...due to her Ag and brillo pad like fleece.
I decided to wait with Fiona.
Aleena is for sale,I have someone coming to look at her next week.
~Miss you too little bro!

Nancy K. said...

Those are some MIGHTY fine breeding groups! You should really get some awesome lambs next spring.

I'm quite sure the pumpkin cake will survive the trip to MN. Especially if you pack it carefully, with lots of salted nut rolls, to keep it from shifting in the box.....


Love you!

~*Sarah*~ said...

I see nothing wrong with your math. Seems like a logical decision to me!

(maybe...because...this way I get to see more baby lambs...unrelated to my decision)

and Rammy looks like he's got a "awww yeahhhh" smirk on his face. tramp.

Pamela said...

I can't wait until spring to see the babies! It's going to be a veritable bonanza! (So wish I could have spring lambs, but I just don't have the room or time or ewes....)

Gone2theDawgs said...

I see we learned the same kind of math! :) I am getting my breeding groups together and I can't seem to figure out who to NOT breed..... Can't wait to see your lamb pics!

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