Saturday, January 31, 2009

Good-bye January!

Today we got a brief respite from the brutal weather that we have been having here. The temps were in the mid 40's and we had bright, beautiful sunshine all day, what a great way to end a really looong dreary month! The animals reveled in the warm rays of the sun. Jasmine found a patch of snow to take a mid afternoon nap, and soak up the fleeting glimpse of spring. I felt compelled to go and put my hands on her fur, I love the cozy feeling of an animal's fur when they have been lounging in the sun, so warm and soft.
The chickens ventured out to scratch around in the still frozen ground. They always have access to the outdoors, but haven't left the comfort of their coop much lately, for fear of becoming chickencicles. It was good to see them out, cackling to each other and picking at imaginary bugs on the ground.

Ande is getting a little ahead of himself. For some reason his fiber is starting to roo (shed) off already....I am hoping that he knows something that we don't...maybe a sign of early spring????

He is starting to look a bit ridiculous. First, he started losing fiber around the top of his neck, and now it is working it's way down, leaving him with this lovely looking faux-hawk hair style. I must admit, that I have helped this along...I can't help's addictive. I see these loose tufts just begging me to pull them, most of the time they come out quite easily.

Sometimes I will find a spot that is more resistant to my crude removal techniques and probably pinches a little when I pull......which results in this angry Ande face...

When the angry Ande face fails to dissuade me from my fibery harvest, Ande calls in the big guns and tells Mama Llama how he has been wronged....she doesn't really care though.
Today, Ande got lucky. Auntie Marie stopped by for a visit, she is the keeper of the cookies, giver of snuggles, and makes it her job to right all injustices imposed upon animalkind here at Crosswinds farm. She will listen to his sad story.

Yeah, he's got her fooled!


ChristyACB said...

Great Snaps of the animals. Your chickens are incredibly handsome and seeing them really makes me wish I could talk some sense into our city about keeping them.

Very cute Ande pic..what a face!

Crosswinds Farm said...

Hi Christy, I don't know why most cities won't let people keep a couple of laying hens...roosters, that I can understand, but a couple of hens wouldn't hurt anything.....and think of the good compost you could make for your garden :D.

Ebonwald Cardigans said...

you have an ARMY of chickens! I don't want to hear about YOUR feed bills!

Nancy K. said...

I bet you're getting some beautiful fiber off of Ande! Your critters all look so healthy and content. I'm glad that you (and Marie!) got to enjoy the beautiful day...

~*Sarah*~ said...

Hey lady, your llama looks silly.

but yet, I still love him.

I realized also that I've NEVER seen ande make his angry ande face, I didn't know he had one.

Kara said...

Beautiful Photos!

Claire MW said...

Fabulous pictures - it was such a great day here too! All the animals were happy to be out, and the hens adored it that Kelly cleaned out the goat barn area and made a bit compost pile for them. They kept playing King/Queen of the castle.

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