Friday, January 9, 2009

I want to poke 2008 with a stick to make sure it's dead.

Here I am. I am sorry that I have been so neglectful of my blogging duties as of late. Not only have I not been updating my blog, but I haven't been reading the works of my fellow bloggers. It is winter, and frankly, I have been in a poopy mood, which needs to come abruptly to an end (winter and poopy mood). Right. Now. I will leave out all the details of the poopiness provoking events that have been happening, because I know that 2008 was less than stellar for most of us, soooo....
Okay, let's see....just to catch you up to's been cold here. More specifically, cold, ice, snow, ice, freezing rain, snow, cold...and repeat...again.
This ice covered branch, which I thought looked like an ice covered skeletal hand reaching out from under the snow, is kind of representative of how I have been feeling this winter...ooops, there's that poopiness again. Okay, done and done.The horses never seem to be bothered by the cold weather, in fact, Morgan especially seems to relish the brisk temperatures.

As does Jasmine.

Wide load pony, Morgan, covered in snow.

Sheepy news~ The rams were introduced to the girls in their separate breeding groups in the beginning of November and spent a romantic month and a half frolicking about, spreading the love. The girls initially were quite pleased to have the attention of their handsome suitors, but after a few weeks, they were equally happy to have the boys removed from their pens and to be reunited with their girl friends.
I was just as thrilled to have everyone back in their rightful places.
This is what happens when love is in the air and there are girls on the other side of the fence that a rammy thinks he needs to meet. These are 2x8 inch boards that were securely screwed in, plus a hog panel for an added barrier....all I have to say is that I am glad we added the hog panel 'cause there were 4 girls on the other side that have no business reproducing.
Oh, something else fun I did on my winter 'vacation'....
I took a ram lamb in to the vet about a month ago to be castrated. It was a frigid day and when I arrived at the clinic they were finishing up with some cattle, so I waited outside in the cold for several minutes until they were ready for my little guy. The livestock surgery area at the clinic is a large room behind the main clinic with a concrete floor, because, well, they run livestock in there and it can get a bit messy. When the cattle were finished and loaded into their trailer, I brought my little rammy inside for his procedure.

As the vet and his assistant readied the table and equipment, they asked if I was cold, and kindly offered to kick on the big propane heater to thaw me out. We got rammy on the table, and after removing the offending body parts, we were having a bit of difficulty with one of the cords bleeding and it was taking a bit longer than usual to "tie things up", so to speak. While I stood there holding on to poor rammy, the heater that felt so toasty in the beginning was now making me feel rather overheated. I asked if anyone else was hot, and started to take off my coat. Suddenly, I started feeling a little woozy and my ears began to ring, so I stepped off to the side to get away from the heat. For a moment I thought about sitting down on the floor to try to regain my composure, but I looked down and saw that there was cow manure on the concrete from the previous clients, so I stupidly thought, boy I really don't want to sit in that! Stupidly, I say, because the next thing I remember was hearing a loud crack and opening my eyes to find that I had passed out and I was now face down in the very same cow manure that I didn't want to put my behind on. When I awoke from my beauty sleep, and took inventory of my ouchies, it took me a bit to convince the guys that I was alright. After they were sure that I was fine, one of the guys commented on the lovely 'natural makeup' that I was wearing...A.K.A. cow shtuff. I love it when people know me well enough to not take me too seriously.

Other than the bruises and the fact that I put my teeth nearly through my bottom lip (those of you who have seen my teeth understand this), oh, yes and being completely embarrassed, I really was fine.

So, the moral of the story is; if you feel like you are going to pass out, don't think that you are too good to sit in cow crap 'cause it's better to sit in it than eat it.

Here is the resulting prettiness (ignore the overgrowth of eyebrow, it hurts to pluck when your face is purple and green).


Michelle said...

Oh Corinne! That looks like it HURT! I saw a big ol' farmer guy pass out years ago while the vet worked to get a dead calf out of his heifer. I've never been the fainting type, but I could see it coming when you said you were feeling overheated. At least it happened in 2008, right? This year has got to be better - right? Right??

Miss Effie said...

Hey!! Sheepie is alive!!! I was worried that I was talking to myself.

Have ya been outside in the last hour? Ice. On top of snow. With more snow tonight. And then wind.

Got love the gravel road!

Missed ya, girlfriend!

Crosswinds Farm said...

Michelle, That was the first time I have ever passed out, I think it was just too much heat plus middle aged woman stuff :(.

Yes, yes, Clink, I am alive! I have been avoiding looking out the window though, I am pretending that it is a beautiful spring day. The gravel will be awesome tomorrow ;).

Rayna said...

*hugs* 2009 HAS to be better! Luckily I passed out INSIDE the vets office when I did the first and only (knock on wood) time, and had a bench under me. That looks very painful!

Ebonwald Cardigans said...

oh my gosh. i sure hope it was the floor and not a mean husband! i'll have to kick his butt! :)

Crosswinds Farm said...

Rayna, it does HAVE to be better in '09...doesn't it????

Thanks G Dogg, but yes, it was the floor....although it was rather hilarious going out in public with my hubby for the next couple of weeks, he was getting some pretty dirty looks from people :D.

melanie said...

So glad to have you back..I was beginning to worry!

Claire MW said...

Well considering that incident, it was no wonder you are feeling "poopy." So sorry to hear about your accident, but glad that you weathered it, and your eyebrows are way nicer than mine. Glad to hear your sheep are all finished with their romping. We have 3 Icelandic ewes due April 27 and May 2. Lambing for the first time for us! Might need your advice!

Crosswinds Farm said...

Thanks Melanie, I will try not to go missing again.

Claire,unfortunately my accident was the least of our troubles :(, but we will get through's a new year it has to be better?????
What part of Iowa are you guys from? I would love to see your Icelandics.

Unknown said...

having worked in a vet clinic w/both pets & livestock animals, I have experienced a few people fainting. Always amuses me by the way LOL. Animals don't bother me a bit but a human hospital, well I have passed out & gotten sick one too many times:) Glad your fine & that your sporting the bruise with a smile:) And I agree....2009 had better be on the upswing!

Juliann said...

Corinne I'm glad you weren't hurt worse (fractured skull). Take care of yourself!

Gone2theDawgs said...

It's great that you have a good sense of humor about it all, Corinne! I think that is the best way to see trying times through (if you can pull it off!) I liked your ice covered skeletal does look like that!

2009 didn't start out all that well for a lot of Pacific Northwesters but I'm hoping we all have a exceptionally wonderful remainder of the year! (never hurts to think positive!):)

I have felt that wooziness before so I will keep your words of wisdom close....better to sit than get comments about my "natural makeup"!

Crosswinds Farm said...

Kristi, the funny thing is, blood and guts of any kind don't bother me, my vet actually teases me about my facination with that stuff. I think that coming in from the extreme cold and then getting too hot was what did me in...either way, I hope I don't ever do that again!

Oh silly Juliann, you know that my skull is much too thick for any damage to be done!

Crosswinds Farm said...

I hope that the remainder of this year is better for you too....and a lot less soggy!

Kara said...

Oh Corinne that DOES look like it hurt and still does I would guess. Are you okay? Was it just the heat that got you? Take care of yourself! Here is to 2009!

Crosswinds Farm said...

Thanks Kara!

Claire MW said...

Oops! Missed your question! We are in the Van Meter area! We're expecting lambs in the spring - April 27 and May 2. You're more than welcome to visit anytime!

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