Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fiber fondling

Monday I took all of my fleeces to Abi's High Prairie Fiber studio, as I do every year for processing. I always have such fun there. Abi is super creative and interesting and we have a great time admiring the colors and texture of each fleece and deciding how each one will be processed. This time it was even more fun because it just happened that Claire, from Whispering Acres, was there with some fleece that she had purchased.....A lot of fleece. A LOT. When Claire pulled her vehicle up and opened the door, there were bags of fleece as far as the eye could see. There was fleece stuffed in every nook and cranny...we unloaded, and unloaded, and unloaded...let's just say it was an obscene amount of fleece. I brought 15 bags of my own down with me, so between Claire and I we pretty much filled Abi's studio. First we went through all of Claire's beautiful fleeces. We ohhhhhed and ahhhhed over the crimpiness and softness.

We listened to the strands of fleece.
Below is a photo of Claire having a moment with one of my fleeces...which by the way, according to Claire, smells like popcorn. I have heard of popcorn chicken, and popcorn shrimp but I had no idea that I was raising popcorn sheep. Claire is a little silly like me. I am not sure what Abi is thinking in this photo....she was probably wondering what she has gotten herself into....
After we skirted, sorted, fondled, smelled and lusted over each fleece, we bagged them back up and left Abi's studio buried in fibery deliciousness.
Of course, when you go to Abi's, you have to stop and say "Hi" to their parrots. They run a parrot rescue and recently built a brand new facility on their property to house all of their feathered friends.
And no trip to a fiber studio would be complete without a visit to the sheep that live there. Her sheep are very stately and serious, they don't rush you baaaing for cookies like some sheepies that I am familiar with.
The day flew by, and after taking a few minutes to sit and visit on Abi's porch, overlooking the gently rolling hills, with the sounds of birds twittering in the trees, it was time to head home. I am so lucky to have met so many fun, interesting people through my blog and my little farm. Thanks Abi and Claire for a fun, relaxing day.


Michelle said...

The colors in that photo of the macaw stretching its wing are just STUNNING. One of my art professors in college had macaws, several different kinds. They aren't for my house, but I sure do admire them.

Can't wait to see what you get back from the processor's!

Crosswinds Farm said...

The birds are beautiful, Michelle. They also have a scarlet Macaw that has the most beautiful vibrant red coloring, unfortunately I didn't get a photo of her.

Unknown said...

Seeing all that beautiful fleece made me feel like taking a nap in it! I've never felt or even seen a real off-the-sheep fleece.

I have, however, been up close and personal with a parrot named Skittles. I was volunteering at a family-owned zoo north of Frederick, MD and had Skittles on my shoulder a few times. Until the day he objected to my putting him back in the night-time house and bit a chunk out of my upper arm. Ah, well, I have a forever souvenir now!

Nancy in Atlanta

girlwithasword said...

omg abi is going to be SO busy! Wow what a fantastic post - i love all the pictures (and, Claire is delightfully silly isn't she?!? !:) )

Claire MW said...

Seriously, Corinne's sheep must eat buttered popcorn when she is not looking at them, because their fleeces have this delicious buttery popcorn smell. You could take one to the movie theater and nobody would notice. Well, maybe a few people would notice.

It was great to spend the day with two fleece experts! And I am never, ever, silly. Mostly. Well, maybe once in a brief while.

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