Sunday, March 8, 2009

Manure soup.

It has been raining here in Eastern Iowa all weekend long, which has been great weather for getting inside projects completed, unfortunately, I have lots of outside projects that need my attention. We received over 3 inches of rain with yet another storm due here on Tuesday. There is standing water everywhere and as I am typing this I am being serenaded by the constant hum of the sump pump in the basement. Having livestock that depend on me for their care and comfort, I have to brave the elements regardless of what may be falling from the sky or blowing across the land, so I just have to make sure that I am properly attired for whatever I may encounter. In this soggy situation, that was difficult to do. I had the misfortune this morning of trying to make my way across the horses' "dry lot", which ironically, was anything but dry, while carrying half a bale of hay for the rams out back. After my first few steps I came to the sad realization that I was already quagmired in what I like to call "boot sucking mud". You know what I'm talking about, when you take a step or two and then realize that you suddenly have a naked foot and somewhere along the way your boot decided not to continue the journey with you, and then you turn to see your boot tightly nestled in a soup of mud and manure while you stand balancing on the still booted foot wondering how to get yourself out of this predicament. Once I finally freed myself and returned the boot to it's rightful position, I gave up on the idea of staying dry and just continued on with my routine, sloppy boots and all, trying to convince myself to just be thankful that it wasn't snow.
It always amazes me how some of my furry farm buddies can remain so unaffected by the inclement weather and even seem to enjoy it. Of course, Emma would be at the top of that list. If there is water, she is in it, never mind that it is probably only 40 degrees out.
She is just sad that no one seems to want to stay outside and play with her.
Bailie enjoys the water as well, but she is getting to be an old girl and can't quite put up with the cold as long as Emma.

I am confident that warmer days are on the horizon. I have seen Robins hopping about and flocks of migratory birds flying in formation in a proper northerly direction.
And I was very excited about seeing this today...yes, I know that it is a Dandilion and that in another month or so I will be cursing it's very exsistance, but for today it is something green and growing, and I will take that for now, and comfort myself with the fact that spring will come and life will start again.
" Whatever mom, we're not going out there, it's yucky out!"


Unknown said...

Hey, I lost my boot today too!! Let's see, did you say only one swear word or more than one:)? I am glad your dogs find humor in the rain as mine do esp. my corgis, gotta love those low riding dogs in the mud!!

Nancy K. said...

I kept my boots on and spent most of the day freezing IN my house! How come 50 seems so much colder when it's 30 outside than it did when it was MINUS 30???

Stay warm and dry my Dear....

Kara said...

How did you manage to get such lovely photos on such a rainy day?! And I hate losing my boot...been there done that.

Miss Effie said...

Isn't it just yuck!!!! It can stop any time now.

But Emma cracks me up!! Rain or snow-- got to have her Jolly ball!!!

Unknown said...

Your post title brought me to a halt! Reminds me of my volunteer days at the family-owned Catoctin Zoo north of Frederick, MD: one of my first assignments was to take hay out to the shelter in the deer field. I was so green I wore SNEAKERS! Yep. In manure mud. When I got home that night I pulled them off outside my door, then put them on newspaper - my cat spent many long minutes sniffing those shoes. After that I wore my hiking boots to the zoo.

Nancy in Atlanta

Sharrie said...

Maybe yesterday, Emma could have helped me round up the new born calf out in the slushy field. I know the cold wet feeling. I just gave up and trudged through all the water in my shoes. Dumb, huh?

diane said...

i LOVE the jolly ball pic with the ear in the air. and the geese picis great too- my husbands favorite CLEAN joke:
when geese fly in a group and form an arrow, why is one side longer than the other?
because that side has more geese.
i know- dumb- but he loves it!

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