Thursday, April 29, 2010

The wild bunch

" That was exhausting!"


Spring Lake Farm said...

That first picture is awesome!!!!


Nancy K. said...

What an incredible group of lambs you have this year!

I'm sorry for the loss of the ram lamb and hope that his sister gains strength quickly so that you can sit back and enjoy the FUN part of shepherding.

I'd say that you've earned it!

Christine said...

They are just gorgeous! Great shot!

LLA Creations Art Dolls said...

Lucky Lucky Lucky you! I would just love to come play with the little guys!

tbsomeday said...

oh my goodness that first picture is AWESOME!!!
i bet you could just sit out there for hours and watch those adorable little fuzzies!!

Mom L said...

What a fantastic shot of the little herd!

Patsy said...

They are so cute!

Teresa said...

They are so cute! They look like a healthy, lively fun group.

Angie Litterst said...

That was ridiculously adorable.

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