Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Chicken math

This morning I was trying to get some photos of the lambs because my intended blog post was going to be an update on the littlest of sheepies......that was my intention....until I got a call from Sand Hill Preservation. It was Linda calling, "Corinne, we have your order of 5 Blue Orpington chicks ready...and Glen threw in an extra." Those of you that have been following my blog can guess the rest of the conversation. "He didn't want to leave just 6 chicks in the box, so there are a few filler chicks." I hesitantly ask, "How many filler chicks, Linda?" Wait for it, wait for it. Her response was, "Just 12." Aaaaand there it is.
I love these people. They are the best chicken enablers EVER!
So, in addition to the five...(or six) Blue Orpingtons that I ordered, I ended up with a few more friends than I had anticipated. I am bad at math, I think we all know that by now, but even I know that 6+12=18, right? So why did I end up with 20 chicks?

I love that the extra chicks are always an interesting breed. This time, other than a couple of unidentified chickies, there is a Red Dorking, 5 Barred Hollands, and a few Red Pyle Cubalayas.
Here's the problem...once again this was only part of my original order. So, let's review. I ordered 20 chicks all together last winter. I received the first group of 10 a couple of months ago, which ended up being 24, this group of "5" turned out to be 20, I still have 5 Welsummer chicks coming at some point.....5 more.....5. Just 5.


Spring Lake Farm said...

Too funny!

Can you really have too many chicks? Never mind....don't answer that....



Teresa said...

Love the chicks, but that is some wild math. Are expecting to end up with forty-something when your whole order arrives?

Nancy K. said...

he he he he he

I could send you a Calico Cochin or two...(or three...)

Christine said...

What a fun problem to have! They are adorable.

Linda said...

Adorable! Looking forward to seeing pix of the flock maturing!

Dawn said...

The one looks like a little penguin. well not really but so DARN cute! Please keep posting pics of the growing babies. I have a chicken fetish and cant have chickens. Please enable me.

IsobelleGoLightly said...

What beautiful chicks! It's easy to have "too many".

Rayna said...

You can always send some home w/ me ;-) lol

~*Sarah*~ said...


tbsomeday said...

i love baby chicks!
they are so addictive!
do you have a broody momma or are you raising these on your own?
shpc is a great's good i don't live closer :)
i've got ralph winter's guinea farm up here...he's very generous too

you'll have eggs coming out of your ears!

Leigh said...

Oh, you have Barred Hollands! I ordered 6 from Ideal but only two survived. I have been thinking about ordering more from Sand Hill next year, so I am glad for the recommendation. The photos are all adorable.

Thanks for visiting my blog and taking the time to comment. I was delighted to see you're a Shetland person. I'm not yet, but someday.

Mom L said...

Glen might not be able to count, but he sure has a perfect eye for beautiful chicks!!!

Nancy in Iowa

Anonymous said...

We are part of the chicken math deal, too! I LOVE Sandhill. I love seeing just how many birds end up in an order. We usually get quite the mix and match because we aren't picky on variety. We get the specials and it is always a blast to see so many different breeds (and cross breeds) when they are older. Maggie Howe tipped me off to you being one the lucky recipients of the extras Glenn and Linda stick in. I love it :)

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