Monday, May 10, 2010

Lamb updates-they won't stop growing!

It's hard to believe that some of the lambs are already a month old. They grow at such an incredible rate that subtle changes can be seen almost every day. I love to watch them as they mature and evolve from tiny newborns into beautiful young lambs.

I am posting newborn pictures of each lamb followed by recent photos so that you can see how they are changing and growing. Oh, and they even have names now! As I stated in a previous post I am going with a Cape Cod theme for names this year since that is where my family grew up and some of my fondest childhood memories are from that part of the country.

The first lamb up is Bayberry (Baybe). She was the last lamb born (just two weeks ago) and we lost her twin shortly after delivery. She is the Baby..or 'Baybe' of the group.

Newborn Crosswinds Bayberry.

Bayberry just turned two weeks old. Baybe is a sweet girl with very soft fleece.

Crosswinds Mountain Laurel .
Laurel growing into a beautiful ewe with gorgeous fleece and conformation, plus the spots that I love so much. She will be making her home here with us.
Crosswinds Ashumet (Ashley...or Shu...or Ash). Very nice Gulmoget ewe with awesome fleece and killer conformation. Ash will also be staying here.
Crosswinds Circe (formerly the 'skunk-sheep'). Circe is a pretty little ewe lamb that claimed a family in Decorah, Iowa early on, so I allowed them to choose a name for her, it fits her well.

Newborn Circe.
I am going to miss Circe's antics. She is quite the character and has the most endearing personality. Most of the photos I get of her look like the following picture, probably because her favorite thing to do is jump into your arms anytime you get anywhere close to the ground, consequently every time I bend over to take a photo she is trying to leap up, expecting me to catch her. Connor, you had better get a big shoulder bag to carry her in because I think she has designs on becoming an accessory like a Paris Hilton dog.
Crosswinds Katama.
Kat is a very feminine solid black ewe lamb with soft, crimpy fleece and wonderful conformation.

Crosswinds Menemsha as a newborn.

Menemsha is a gorgeous mioget ewe lamb.

Menemsha's fleece...yeah, I'm keeping her.

The last ewe lamb is Crosswinds Natale Holly. Holly as a newborn.

Holly at one month old.

Oh, yeah, she is staying too!

Now for the boys.
Crosswinds Brewster.
Brewster is a handsome little ram lamb with great markings, nice fleece and square conformation.....we are just waiting his naughty bits to fall into place. One has managed to find it's way to the proper destination, but the other is not wanting to come down from it's lofty perch and join it's friend. If it doesn't fall into place Brewster will end up a wether (castrated) and be offered for sale as a fiber pet. As a side-note, all hope has been lost that my neighbors on the "big farms" will ever stop wondering about my sanity. I think several of them have caught me, in recent times, out in the sheep pasture feeling Brewster up in search of said missing parts....yeah, they are talking about me at the feed store right about now.
Brewster today.

Crosswinds Nantucket (Tucker) as a newborn.

Tucker is growing to be a gorgous mioget ram lamb with perfect conformation, soft fleece and a tiny tail. If I didn't have so many ewes that are related to him I would be keeping him or his twin.

Below is Tucker's twin brother, Orleans.
Orleans is a nice solid boy with super-soft fleece, awesome horns (so far), and really square conformation. At this point he looks like he will be a bit bigger than his twin. I love those striped horns : ).

I took most of these pictures a few days ago, so the lambs have changed even since then. It is sad to think that in 2 months most of them will be leaving for their new usual, I have gotten waaaay too attached.....I need more land so that I can keep them ALL.


tbsomeday said...

what a great post with baby pics and later pics
they are ADORABLE!!!
i bet nothing beats sitting in the pasture watching them play and cuddling them up!

Teresa said...

I love the pictures! I had to just laugh at the thought of the "big farm" folks watching you check for parts. Hope the missing one is found and he gets to find a forever farm to live a long happy life making babies. Yea, they all think I'm a bit nuts too.

dirtyduck said...

brewster does look a little...funny... in that second pic...

Menemsha, she is really pretty and what does that name mean? i like your theme, this whole post was really well written and fun to read, good job.

the people that got "the skunk" are so lucky and circe is a cute name:) does she really jump into your arms and let you catch her!!!!! big do they get..:)

Rayna said...

Oooo...LOVE Tucker...I have too many rams! How DARE you tempt me....mmm...he's gorgeous! :)

Mom L said...

I love the pictures - they are all gorgeous. If I were a shepherdess I would have a very hard time giving up any of the babies, but I understand about the breeding...

I'm still laughing over your checking for parts...!!! I see my WV is a long one - numcomin. Glad it isn't nuNcomin!

Nancy in Iowa

Angie Litterst said...

I am in love with Tucker! What a pretty boy!

Window On The Prairie said...

Oh my. So cute. I too would have a hard time selling them. I just want to hug them all.

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