Monday, November 22, 2010

Roosters in the wind

This afternoon it was sunny and warm with temperatures right around 70 degrees- absolutely lovely for late November-until a strong cold front decided to come through. Now the weather-guessers are predicting that by tomorrow morning reality will set in and daytime highs will only be in the mid 30's. The drastic change in temps ushered in a stiff wind late in the day which seemed to cause a bit of trouble for the marauding roosters. I should have video taped them as they tried to brace themselves against the wind, walking like drunken sailors.
I like to call these pictures, "Roosters in the Wind."

 "Anyone else feel a draft?"

 "Dude, seriously, I think your junk is showing."
OK, so maybe my "Roosters in the Wind" pictures are not nearly as beautiful....or classy.. as my friend Nancy's "Ewes in the Mist" photo that she has entered in a photo contest, so maybe you should skip on over to her blog and help her win the photo contest.


Michelle said...

Ooooh, there are more of those gorgeous blue-laced red Wyandottes! drool.....

Verde Farm said...

These chickens are absolutely beautiful. Love the great colors. They were blowing so much they look like Polish in some photos :) Nancy's pics are wonderful!!

Anonymous said...

I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to.

God Bless You :-)


Nancy K. said...

I was sitting here chuckling at your rooster pictures and your hilarious commentary, and then I saw your nice note about my entries in the photo contest. Thank you! That was very sweet of you.

It's amazing how someone with such a dirty mind (his JUNK showing!) can be so nice...


Love you!

Teresa said...

They are certainly handsome. It is funny to watch them out there with tail feathers billowing!

Kelly said...

As always, your posts entertain me endlessly. BTW-I think Roosters like to show off their junk.

tbsomeday said...

"i think your junk i showing"
you crack me up!

it was a midwest day for sure
beautiful on my lunch
bitterly cold and windy when i left work

ps--i voted for ewes in the mist :)

John Going Gently said...

I had a rooster just like the red one!
too many roosters
too many unhappy hens

Heritage Farm Village said...

i love your roosters and their bright coloring! makes me want one though the good husband still refuses...sigh...your new kitty is adorable and it warms my heart that you chose to keep him. he is just so thankful to you for feeding him he just can't help himself with all of his meowing. he has to catch you up on his past and how he found you! ;-) jill

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