Sunday, December 5, 2010

Oh snooow!

OK, I will say this once, and I guar-an-tee that I will not utter these words again this winter, I am going to admit it-the first snow of the season is really pretty. There, I said it!

I will be sooo over it in a few days, but for now, I like it. It has covered up the sloppy mud that I have been slip-sliding through for the past couple weeks, it has made everything sparkle and glitter- and you know how I feel about shiny things.

It even adds a little interest to the flower gardens that were so full of life, and color, just a few weeks ago but who's beauty has now faded away.

The fresh snow admittedly makes the Christmas lights look prettier.

One of my favorite parts of seeing the first snowfall is watching the animals' reactions to the new ground cover, especially the lambs that are experiencing their first winter, and their first taste of snow.

At first the lambs are afraid to take those first unsure steps into this unfamiliar landscape. Soon curiosity takes hold and once they become brave enough to test the footing, the romping and head-butting ensues and the pasture is full of life once again.
Yesterday, I broke up the breeding groups and the girls were thrilled to be back together in their snowy pasture, renewing their friendships and catching up on boyfriend gossip.
I put the rams back together too. Luckily my mature ram is very docile and the younger boys are not confident enough to try to challenge him, so the reintroductions went rather smoothly.

Rocky (the wether) didn't think it went so smoothly though, once again he seemed to be the object of  affection for the boys that had just returned from the breeding pens....lucky for him he is a fast runner, and the deep snow slowed his pursuers down a bit.

Arturo will go back with all of the girls in a couple weeks as my clean-up ram ( to breed any ewes that didn't settle with the other rams). He knows that he is handsome, posing for his picture.

Unfortunately, with breeding season coming to an end and the onset of winter, Hero is for sale now. I just can't keep this many rams over the winter. There is more info about Hero on my "Shetland Sheep for Sale" page (above) on this blog.

The biggest fan of this change in weather? Emma, of course. Or more specifically, Emma and Jolly Ball. Emma + snow+ Jolly Ball = happy dog.

Ande....not so much a fan of the snow. The slightest hint of wind or cold and he heads for the comfort of the straw-filled barn. Yup, he is quite the guard llama.

"I don't like it either!"

I apologise in advance for any future postings regarding winter weather, because, I can assure you that I will not be talking about how pretty it is. In the meantime, I will enjoy it today for it's clean beauty-just don't ask me about it tomorrow.


Michelle said...

I love the sparkle on the snow you captured in the second photo because I don't think I've ever managed that, but ALL the photos are beautiful!

Karen Anne said...

Maybe Rocky would be happier spending the winter with the girls?

Crosswinds Farm said...

Thanks, Michelle. I still didn't quite capture all of the sparkle : (.

Karen Anne, Rocky spent the winter with the girls last year because I didn't keep any rams over the winter. He was nervous the whole time because Ande and Mama Llama live with the girls and, for whatever reason, he is terrified of the llamas. Once the boys settle in they all become great buddies.

Mom L said...

I am envious - last year, my first in Iowa, we had a blizzard long before now. So far we've had only a dusting of snow which is now gone. We certainly have the cold, though, and I keep telling my Emma she wouldn't like it out there!!

Nancy in Iowa

Unknown said...

I love the simplicity of the wreath on the chair and the snow lights are beautiful! I love the snow for about a month and then I am done too;)

Nancy K. said...

Bah, Humbug!

Kelly said...

I'm with Kristi, love the shot of the wreath on the chair with a dusting of fluffy white snow.
I wish I had actually gotten outside with my camera to take sheep/snow shots, but for all my good intentions, that never happened.

Teresa said...

You got so much more than we did. We only had a dusting. I guess I'll be patient and enjoy your pretty pictures because, I agree--it's pretty for a couple of days and no more!

tbsomeday said...

ah yes--the first magical snowfall
covering up the gloom of november
if only spring started january 1

loved the lights/snow pic :)

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