Friday, December 10, 2010

Five Fabulous Farmers...a Bizarre Bazaar

If you are brave, and happen to be on the East coast of Iowa this weekend, you might want to check out 'The Five Fabulous Farmers...A Bizarre Bazaar' at my friend Miss Effie's flower farm, featuring a crazy group of creative farm women selling their handy work. Come and see the Summer Kitchen with the swoopy roof (try and say that one fast!), and the 'Tea cup tree'........yeah, only Miss Eff would have a Tea cup tree.......
..that also serves as a snow gauge.
Here is a peek inside at the goodies that will be available.

 Who doesn't love hand-knit fuzzy slippers?

And, of course, you may see some of my Salted Nut Rolls there too ; ).

Maybe even a clay Santa, or two!

Oh, yeah, if you do come and visit us there, remember that heat is a bit limited in the Summer Kitchen...'cause it's intended for Summer, so wear your Carhartts...and maybe your ear-plugs, 'cause Miss Eff and I laugh kinda loud sometimes.


Nancy K. said...

It looks so CUTE! I wish I could be there. Are you guys going to be in the path of the big storm heading our way? We're supposed to get from 6 to 12 inches tomorrow. I WAS going to say, it would be kind of fun to be snowed into Miss Effie's summer kitchen ~ until you mentioned the lack of heat!

Hey Sweetie ~ would you like me to hold onto a nice BLRW rooster for you? I've got a few 'extras' that are very nice looking birds and would be happy to give you one...

Claire MW said...

Wow, looks amazing! Wish I could go! I think your clay Santa is incredible! The detail is amazing! You do such great work!

Teresa said...

It looks great! Wish I were able to get there.

tbsomeday said...

how fun!
what cool stuff!!
salted nut rolls....

The Little Red Hen said...

Would love to see more of your clay creations Corrine. Not sure its the best weekend to travel so far though. Hope you have a great turn out. It sounds like a lot of fun.

Mom L said...

It all looks lovely! But I won't be traveling outside my SW corner of Iowa - in fact, I haven't even stirred outside my building today! Fortunately I got my errands and shopping done earlier this week, so I can sit here and watch the snow fall and blow around. Cold, windy, and beautiful!!

Nancy in Iowa

Verde Farm said...

Oh it all looks so wonderful. Sure wish I lived close by. I would love to go do some shopping there. Anyone with a teacup tree is alright with me:) That is fabulous.

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