Saturday, January 8, 2011

Nancy goes to Iowa.

Well, here we are, only a week into 2011, and already I have been slacking on one of my New Year's resolutions: I will post more consistently on my blog.
 I am going to try to follow through on that one...really, I am....notice that I said, "try?"

The holidays are behind us, the tree and decorations have been packed away, our kids have gone back to their respective homes; Nicole and her husband, Andrew, back to California and our son, Justin, off to Navy bootcamp-yeah, bootcamp, that's a story for another post- things have been pretty quiet around here. So, when I got an email from my dear friend, Nancy Krohn, asking if I was up for a visit last week, I was very excited. Nancy is almost as nutty as I am and a visit from her was sure to liven things up. After giving her some minor clarifications on directions from her place, in Minnesota, to ours, in Iowa- "No, Nancy, Iowa is not to the 'right' of you...Iowa is...ummm, 'under' you" -she was on her way.
Nancy arrived at our house later that evening and my sister Marie came over as well. The three of us chatted, laughed and had a lovely time catching up. Nancy had to head home the next morning, so we had to cut the evening a bit short, but it was still a nice visit.
The next morning, it was time to introduce Nancy to the critters.
She met Daisy and Menemsha.

I think she was trying to steal my little spotty girl, Laurel, from me.

She also made friends with Holly. Holly just thought Nancy had cookies, but we won't tell Nancy that.

Then the rest of my attention-starved animals felt it necessary to molest my guest.

Emma even shared her Jolly Ball with Nancy....well..sort of shared.
Jordan shows Nancy the love...maybe too much love?
Nancy even took something home with her, but you will have to check her blog to see ; ).

One of my favorite things about raising Shetlands is the wonderful sheepie people that I have met over the years and the great friends that I have made along the way. Thanks for visiting, Nancy, and thanks for being a great friend!


Sharrie said...

Nice pictures of Nancy. You are right, she is a fabulous person. I wish she lived closer to me. Nice pictures of your animals, too.

Christine said...

I want to come get a kiss from your Llama someday, too. :) Glad you girls had fun.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I've just started following your blog (I found you via Nancy) and I have really enjoyed stopping by--And I can't wait to see what she brought home from her 'road trip!'

I hope you're having an enjoyable weekend!!

Mom L said...

Your post title really caught me off guard! I thought, wait a minute, I'm already in Iowa! Glad to see the other Nancy visited you. She's been teasing us about bringing something new home to the farm!

Nancy (sheepless) in Iowa

Teresa said...

How fun! What a great visit.

Nancy K. said...

My DEAR friend Corinne: perhaps you remember when I was about to take a photograph and you said: "don't get me in it!". Ah-HUMMMM! Nothing like a little BED-HEAD!

Truthfully people, that is NOT me! That's our sister Marie! I'm MUCH prettier... ;-)

Seriously, it was great seeing you again. We really do have to get together for a weekend sometime before you get back into your every weekend market schedule!

I better go look through my pictures so I can do another post to MY blog...

bwwwaah ha ha ha ha!

Anonymous said...

Hmm. I'm glad you had fun, BUT really, did Nancy have to take Hero? My Hero? Looove that little spotty. I even did a drive by to see him that one day. And yes, I know I already have a spotty, and two other sheepsies from you, and I'm on "The List" for a lamb next year, but still...I couldda sworn I saw my name tattooed in his fleece! My only consolation is that he's gone to a great home, but still, really....

IsobelleGoLightly said...

Nancy does home visits? Hee hee! She could be the travelling blogger and come to all of our homes to meet all of us! What fun!

Verde Farm said...

Oh how fun. I bet Nancy is so much fun. I don’t blame her for tryign to steal the spotted sheepy. So adorable! You can certainly see that Nancy is an animal lover of all kinds. I bet she had a great time. I got my 2 wethers from her :)

Crosswinds Farm said...

Hi Sharrie, Yes, Nancy is a great person, I wish she lived closer too.

Christine~come on over for llama kisses any time you want!

Kim~Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Nancy L., LOL, sorry for the confusion! I see that your daughter is back in Ga. now that you are here??

Teresa, it is always fun when Nancy is around ; ).

Nancy, you are adorable in those pictures-no bed-head! It was great seeing you too...hopefully next time I won't be sick : (.

Cassie, there is still a chance for your lost love; Nancy is using him for breeding so depending on whether or not she thinks she wants to keep an intact ram full time again, he may be coming back.

THAT is a great idea!

Verde Farm, 2 wethers? Now you need to add a few more ; ).

Kelly said...

So glad you got one of Corinne's Shetland's, she has such nice stock. And she's simply one of the nicest people I know. That' goes for her sister as well.

Mom L said...

Yes, Corinne, my daughter Diane (Loess is More) left me a year ago when they packed up during a blizzard and moved to Savannah!!! I still love it here, just wish baby Henry were closer. I did spend 6 days with them on my 4000+ mile road trip in Oct-Nov!

Nancy in Iowa

John Going Gently said...

surrounded with love!

Mary Stichter said...

Happy New Year. I can't wait to get down your way and meet all your sweet barn friends. Santa brought me a spinning wheel for Christmas so I am spinning all the wool I can get my hands on.
Hope to see you soon.
Mary Stichter

WeekendFarmer said...

What a beautiful flock! Sorry about the roo : (

I also started getting the Maran eggs...quite amazing color and contrast. Wish you a fast Spring : )


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