Monday, April 25, 2011

The boys are winning.

We have been really busy the past few days. Besides the craziness of the Holiday weekend, we added to the fun by making a few additions to the family. First, on Friday, Menemsha gave us a spotted ewe lamb. A very large spotted ewe lamb. She wasn't even two full days old yet in these pictures.

Then, on Sunday, when we were getting ready for Easter dinner, Halley decided to go into labor. I missed dinner, but I got to see these two nice lambs come into the world. A solid moorit ewe lamb.

And a gorgeous moorit gulmoget ram lamb. I think this guy is going to be stunning!

 This morning, Holly started acting like she was in the early stages of labor-sort of. I was in and out of the barn checking on her, and on one of my checks she was standing at the hay feeder, with her water bag exposed, eating and not giving the slightest indication that she had any intention of pushing anything out of anywhere. I gave her a lot of time since she was a first-time mom...a lot of time....I waited, and waited, and waited, she did nothing. After hours had passed and there was no progress, the rest of the story involved a full length glove, a call to the vet, a hoisting of an uncooperative ewe into my myself, a trip to the vet (vets generally don't like to make farm calls for sheep), a lot of  pulling and a very large ram lamb with some very large horn buds, that, apparently, Holly didn't really want to squeeze out of 'there'.

Both mama and this nice, fawn katmoget ram lamb are doing well. I generally don't like taking pictures of lambs while they are still's not their best look, but I wanted to show you  these big ol' horn buds...can't say that I blame Holly for not wanting to push this guy out.

So, now the official count is 11 ram lambs, 8 ewe lambs.

And, of course, I had to do this. How angry can a lamb look?
Also, I would like to thank those of you who have suggested names for the lambs, I usually stick with a theme though so that down the road if a lamb's name comes up I know exactly what year they were born and who the sire was...I just haven't picked my theme yet...I have a couple in mind, I'm just a bad decisionationater.


The Little Red Hen said...

wow- them there are some big babies! Gorgeous as well. I look forward to seeing pictures of Holly's Ram lamb as he matures.

Teresa said...

That first one is just huge! I know what you mean about vets not liking farm calls--try when it's a goat. I guess it's easier to spend money that comes from a cow call. Glad things turned out.

Judy T said...

Oh, the spotted ewe looks so fluffy! Glad all were delivered safely- if not conveniently.

Karen Anne said...

Where is James Herriott when you need him...

How much does a ewe weigh?

Very glad things turned out okay.

Kelly said...

I guess I'm a very lucky sheep gal, my vet still comes to the farm for my sheep. I will be properly grateful when they return. Actually, she was at our place last night......
Lovely spotted ewe lamb Corinne. Call me crazy, but I like the solid ones just as much.

Lisa W. said...

Love all the lambie pictures. Jack would like to suggest a superhero theme this year. He's REALLY into Spidahman (the red one not the bad black one) and the Credible Hawk. Just sayin'.

Shula said...

What lovely lambs you have. Wow on the horn buds on that chap though! And yes that's on mighty ticked off looking fella at the bottom hee hee! I had a very ram heavy year 5 rams:2 ewes.

Mom L said...

Gorgeous babies in those photos!! And I have to say - I've learned about horn buds from your blog (I've never known any sheep), but those on the last lamb would have made me try to pretend I wasn't pregnant if I were his Mom!!

Nancy in Iowa

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