Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Lambing is finally in full gear. Sorry for the delay on posting pictures; I was battling a stomach virus and it was all I could do to get back and forth to the barn the past couple of days to deliver lambs...let's just say it made for an interesting start to our lambing season. I am feeling much better now and have time to post a few photos before the next lambs make their appearance.
You already met Mira's ewe lamb, she was the first born.
Later that night Laurel, one of my yearling ewes, had a pair of stunning ram lambs.

"Yeah, we are stunning, aren't we?"

Beautiful fleeces on these boys too.

Does his rear look like a Snuffleupagus face to anyone else?

On Monday Cassie had a pair of nice ewe lambs.

...and then Daisy had a ewe lamb and a ram lamb.
 At this point, the ewe lamb looks like she will have intermediate fleece.
The ram lamb has lovely fleece.

"Hey mom, I'm gonna get in here. Watch me, watch me, watch me."

"See, I told you I could do it! Now, how do I get out?"
 Lovey had a set of dark moorit ram lambs this morning. I don't have pictures yet. I have 8 more ewes left to go. Sorry I don't have more to post, hopefully I will be back to "normal" know what I mean..."normal" for me anyway.


Teresa said...

They are adorable! Glad you're feeling better. I hate to even think of checking girls when sick.

Unknown said...

They are gorgeous!!! Lots of spots!! Laurel's rams sure are stunning!! I guess its a good thing they are rams, it would be tough not to keep at least one lamb that flashy :)

Sabrina Wille Erickson said...

They are so dang cute that it hurts to look! Wow. I just love those spots.

And yes, I can see the snuffleupagus. :D

Rose H (UK) said...

I'm sorry to hear you've been 'off color' - glad you are feeling better. My heart is just about to melt with all those beautiful lambs, especially the one with the spotty bum!

The Little Red Hen said...

Glad you are feeling better. The Lambs are amazing! How long of a tail is too long? Keep the pictures coming.

Kelly said...

I'm so glad you are feeling better. As usual, your lambs do not disappoint, what a lovely batch you've started this year.
Keep me in mind..........
And stay well.

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