Sunday, April 28, 2013


This will be brief because it's been a super-busy weekend (more about that later), but I wanted to take a minute and share the big news. Drum roll, please!

Holly had her lambs!
Not just any old, run of the mill lambs, mind you. She had two gorgeous EWE lambs. Apparently, Holly carries spots!
So far her milk supply is looking good too (knock on wood).

Fleece and conformation look great far as one can tell on a newborn lamb anyway.

So far 4 lambs born, two sets of twins, all ewes, all out of Crosswinds San Diego. Exactly zero of them have names.
The next group should start around the 5th of May, that group was all sired by Sommarang Ivar.

Ande-not amused that I wouldn't let him in the barn while Holly was lambing.


Tombstone Livestock said...

Congrats on the ewe lambs, last of my Shetlands lambed this week, 2 ewe lambs on Thursday, 3 ram lambs today. Oh well, can't keep them all, easier to decide on what ram lambs to sell.

Michelle said...

Some of us have had NO ewe lambs in a season; you're a ewe lamb HOG! And such gorgeous ones, too . . . pout.

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