Wednesday, December 19, 2007



If one didn't know that these two had just been trying to kill each other, one might think that these were expressions of affection between buddies.

Maybe next year they will get the girls!


Michelle said...

In that first photo I would swear that there are THREE boys. That gulmoget is the most strikingly colored example of the pattern I've seen -- stunning!

Crosswinds Farm said...

You are correct, there ARE three of the little devils. Apollo was lurking in the background.
Max has retained his very defined gulmoget facial markings, his body is going to be fairly light grey though.

Nancy K. said...

I didn't know that you had a GULMOGET ram! When did you get him????

Merry Christmas (better late than never?) and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

We should plan a 'family reunion' next year......


Crosswinds Farm said...

Yes Nancy,we MUST have a reunion!

The gulmoget boy was one of my lambs this year, he is out of Underhill Gulliver AI and Thistle Keep Sagebrush Vole. He has the most gorgeous conformation, but his horns are taking a sort of... creative route right now, so I am holding my breath until I see how they turn out.

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