Sunday, October 12, 2008

I've been tagged!

After I originally posted this, I couldn't stand the fact that I had not included any of my other quirks, I guess, so I went back and added a few.

I was "tagged" a few days ago by fellow sheepy blogger friend, Melanie, and asked to tell 6 things about myself that people might find interesting, or quirky. I don't know how interesting this will be, but since we are talking about me, the quirky part goes without saying.

1) People might be inclined to ask me, "Were you born in a barn?". No, but I was practically raised in a tent. My first camping trip was at the tender age of 6 weeks. I don't mean the occasional camping trip with the family, plugging in your R.V. into an outlet next to 100 other R.V.'s lined up in a K.O.A. "campground". I was born in Connecticut, and my Memere and Pepere (grandma and Grandpa to you non-French-Canadian folk) had a cottage on Cape Cod. I am the youngest of 6 kids, and every year as soon as the older kids were out of school for the summer, we would load up the Vista Cruiser station wagon with 6 kids, 2 parents, Happy, our German Shepherd, and head for the Cape. When we arrived at our destination, not wanting to impose on my Grandparents, my Mom and Dad would pitch a huge tent, set up camp outside of the cottage, oh yea, and then dig a new pit for the outhouse across the road from our camp. We didn't go inside the cottage at all....ever...unless one of us was dieing....maybe then. We had a pump outside for water and the good old Coleman stove for cooking. Bathing? I don't really remember bathing, but we swam all day in the lake and then would go to the ocean on weekends. That would be our home for the entire summer. My dad would have to work in town during the week and come out to spend the weekends with us. Yup, we ran around like a bunch of feral children....loved it. LOVED IT. That is probably why I hate being indoors.

I found proof that I did have at least one bath...sort of.

Here is the whole motley crew. I am the goofy little one on the end.

Still goofy, now on the other end.
Here I am now, still goofy...but with a lot more an Osmund...or a shark.....a LOT of teeth. A lot.
I know, you are confused, everyone that has read my blog and not met me tells me that they pictured me as a portly girl with dark curly hair and glasses. Well....maybe my roots are a little dark. Okay, they're dark, whatever.
B) I hate clowns! Loathe them, detest them, can't stand them. Don't try to tell me that they are funny and cute, 'cause they're not, and no.

III) I don't own a dress, or a skirt. I have bought them on occasion for a funeral or wedding and, yes, I have actually worn them, but then by the time I need one again they are out of style. I wear jeans. I have my 'good' jeans for going into town and such (they are generally newer and clean). I have 'riding' jeans (they are longer so that they don't start creeping up my legs while riding), I have 'around the farm' jeans. I have 'painting' jeans. I am hoping to get some Carhartt flannel lined jeans for winter....just to complete my wardrobe. I am a high maintenance kind of gal. My husband is a LUCKY guy. Did I mention that I am slightly sarcastic?

4) I don't eat anything with a face or a mother. I hate to say that I am a vegetarian, because people automatically assume that I am some kind of freaky flower child. I just don't eat meat. I cook it for my husband, I have no problem with other people eating it. I just don't. It irritates me though when people ask, "Well, you eat fish though, right?"..."Chicken?". ARE THEY VEGETABLES??? Okay, let's go over this again. Face? Mother? Then no.
Chocolate, on the other face, no mother......perfectly acceptable.

E) I am kind of...well, a lot of, a germaphobe. I don't mean animal germs, I can handle any kind of animal germs. No problem putting my hand in either end if necessary. I can clean up anything oozing, dripping, seeping, snotting...from an animal, but geeesh, shopping carts at grocery stores really gross me out...I don't even want to talk about the days before cell phones, when we had to use a public payphone in an emergency....or drinking fountains. GROSS!

6) Not quirky, or interesting, but I love this time of year. I love the colors of fall, I love the cooler temps. I love that when the crops have been harvested my neighbors allow me to ride my horses wherever I want on their property. I love planning for spring lambs. I love watching the combines out in the fields bringing in the harvest. I love watching the flocks of birds flying south.

Well, there you have it. I have lots of other quirky stuff, lots, but I don't want to scare off my dear readers. Thanks for the assignment Melanie, it was relatively painless! I can't believe I posted something without any pictures!


melanie said...

That was great! (Posting pictures to go with any of those facts just might have scared off some of the weaker constitutions...)
I may find myself having to quote you on some of those...

Michelle said...

We would have so much fun as neighbors, eating together, riding together, playing with our animals together!

Will Wilkinson said...

Hi Big Big Mama Parsons. Those were some fun quirky facts. Nicole told me a while back that you were going to comment on my blog, but you weren't sure whether or not I knew who you were. Anyway, I'm following your blog now. The pictures are always great.

Anonymous said...

The world would be a lot better place if they had more quirky people like you in it.

Gone2theDawgs said...

I really love reading these kinds of posts and seeing how similar I am to so many people! :) (other than the fact I would feel guilty eating in front of you....not that I haven't serious thought about going vegetarian!) I am another one that is thinks the world would be a better place with more quirky people like you! :)

Crosswinds Farm said...

Melanie, You are right about the photos...but I may break down and add one post looks so nekked!

Michelle, We would have fun! Too bad you live waaaay over there!

Hey Big Will! Glad you stopped by. You need to come back, they've left Andrew in charge of young children on the playground...THAT can't be good. Who will supervise Andrew?

Thanks anonymous :-).

Hi Wren, I stopped by your blog and really enjoyed your 'tagged' post too. We are quite similar.

Kristin said...

I vote that you add pictures. Pictures are always good.

Speaking of, there are chicken photos over at my blog.

Unknown said...

I ditto you on the germs because as a teacher, gosh knows what I come across! I hear you on the animals: I can pull lambs, give shots, assisted in surgeries when I worked at the vet. but I have been known to faint in hospitals from the smell & from the sight of IV's in me or someone else. And there is nothing like a good, olde pair of jeans:)

Crosswinds Farm said...

Kristin, I couldn't stand it...HAD to add the pics!

Anonymous said...

Great photo's!
Isn't it amazing how the things in life that drove you crazy while living them are the ones we look back on with the fondest memories.
That gang on the beach must of struck fear into the hearts of the locals.

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures Corinne. They certainly bring back memories of Meme and Pepe and the cottage. One of my favorite pictures is of your mom and my mom standing together at the cottage....your mother always had the best tan! It was great fun when your family would come down to Orleans and we would all go down to Nauset Beach in the pickup truck. It was fun to have all the family together.....I am not sure if Meme thought that though!
Your cousin, Dawn

Crosswinds Farm said...

Hey Dawny doughnut! Thanks for stopping by. Those are all of my favorite memories too, I so miss the times at Nauset beach...and my cousins :(. Email me sometime!

Nancy K. said...

Your smile makes ME smile!


Kristin said...

What?!? You posted a photo of yourself?

Now you're not gonna freak out as bad when I post the photo of you in my blog. = (

melanie said...

Good job! The photos were "safe", and actually very educational. Never saw you as portly and dark haired, but I admit I did think you were curly...And you look WAY younger than I about that? Jeans must be very good for people...we should start that rumored factoid and see if it catches on. Then there would be more sensible jeans sold, and less of those icky dresses...

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