Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sleazy ewes and funky spuds

This morning when I got up to do chores, I was hit with the realization that, it is, in fact, October. As I opened the basement door to let the dogs out, I felt a rush of crisp, cold air...wait, what? I am not ready for this. I checked the temperature... 37 degrees, are you kidding me? I promptly stepped back inside and decided that I had better break out the Carhartts ( the best cold weather apparel ever invented, BTW....well, those and Cuddle Duds).

I couldn't help but notice how the ewes have dressed themselves too, suddenly wrapped in fluff, readying themselves for the long winter.

The girls have also, as of late, become increasingly friendly....really, really friendly. Oh, it's not like they are happy to see me, necessarily, they are just gazing longingly toward the ram pasture, with lust in their eyes, shameless hussies. Breeding season is rapidly approaching and the girls are showing all the signs that they are looking for love.

"But mom, the boys are sooo cute"!I am only going to be breeding 5 ewes this year....I think. Sorry girls.
I will post later who the lucky girls are.
"Geesh, what's the deal with these overly friendly girls anyway?"

Another sure sign that fall has arrived, my garden has become a tangled mess of weeds and bedraggled vegetable plants, futilely attempting to keep a grip on their very existence. Obviously, I have completely given up on weeding at this stage of the game and left the remaining plants to their own devices.
I picked and canned the last few green beans today. I also dug the rest of my potatoes, and in the process, discovered some interesting things that had been developing ( maybe festering is a better word) underground all summer. My first attempt at growing sweet potatoes seems to have been quite successful....or maybe it has nothing to do with my gardening abilities, perhaps it is the massive amount of manure that is in constant supply here....which ever, the end result was mammoth yammers.

When I dug up the last of the white potatoes, I found some wonderful, delicious looking potatoes, and I also find some pretty funky spuds. You may be wondering, did I find one shaped like a state, like the corn flake on EBay? Did I find one that looked like a celebrity, or a religious icon that people would come flocking from far and wide to pay homage to? No......I found one that looks like.. a fetus......maybe a chicken fetus....I don't know, we all look pretty much alike at that stage of the game. I don't think there is a big market for potato chicken fetuses. I won't be getting rich off of my misshapen taters, so much for the big potato bailout.


~*Sarah*~ said...

wow...I need to get out more. I literally GASPED in excitement at your sweet potato photo.

...I like sweet potatoes.

and I think I'm going to have to invest in some cuddle duds. Since I was cold today and refusing to even TOUCH the 'on' switch to the thermostat....groan.

and/or more fleece. wool is warm you know. I'm just thinking of my energy bill here.

Sharrie said...

Great close ups of the girls. Just like Nancy K. Such silly ladies. Don't they know where those "feelings" will lead them?

Miss Effie said...

November 1st. I won't touch the thermostat until November 1st!!!

Cuddle-duds are your friends. And they make Carhartts in lots of pretty colors. Colors that match our eggs!!!

Love the potato! I never knew what a chicken fetus potato would look like!!!

Unknown said...

My girls are being the same way & I told them unless female farmers, esp. those that raise sheep, get some tax/debt forgiveness break in Congress, well it will be a limited breeding this year.....but you know I do feel more enpowered when I wear my Carhartt coat!

Rayna said...

You could probably sell that tater on ebay...LOL It's crazy what people will buy! :) Yeah...I think I need to break my thermostat and just break out some blankets...we have natural gas, and I think it's going to be time to fill out heating assistance this year! *shiver*

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