Thursday, July 12, 2007

Attack of the killer pumpkins!

Here are my two pumpkin vines that I was afraid wouldn't grow because I planted my garden so late this year. My D.H. claims these to be HIS pumpkins, I am not sure how that works, since I plant them, weed them, water them, etc. His theory is that since he ASKED me to plant them they are his special plants. Luckily this is just my extra garden space that I use for my rhubarb (planted along the back edge) and potatoes on the other side, so there is room enough...... unless they get too crazy. Hmmmmm....maybe planting them on top of my old manure pile wasn't such a good idea.

This is the center section of my regular garden 70 x 30, consisting of 5 rows of green beans (one can never have too many green beans), 57 pepper plants, 40 something tomato plants, carrots, cantaloupe, cucumbers, watermelon, and some other stuff that I can't remember right now. Before you think that I have totally lost my mind, there is a logical reason why I grow so much stuff. I take produce to our local farmer's market every Saturday along with my yarn (not spun by me), roving, baked goods, eggs and my polymer clay figurines... Now that I see that in writing, I guess that really doesn't make me sound less crazy, it makes me sound attention deficit! I do have a lot of different interests, combined with the fact that I can't sit still....okay, attention deficit, whatever.

If you were wondering how the Iowa corn crop is coming along......

This is an 8 foot long 2x4 next to the fence post!


Michelle said...

I'm sure your pumpkins are VERY happy you planted them on top of the old manure pile -- ha ha! I was glad when I finally got to the part about the farmer's market; I was beginning to feel woefully deficient as a gardener. My mom used to plant a HUGE garden (my step-brother and I got to weed it) and preserve a lot out of financial necessity; I do my share but nothing like she did.

By the way, if you want help naming lambs, that's my one of my very favorite things to do -- thinking up names!

Nancy K. said...

I have a pumpkin patch, gone rampant, too! I'll have to put a picture of it on my blog this week.

I meant to ask you if you have checked out the "polled" Shetland breeders list? There might be some people there who would be interested in your ram with the tiny horns. There's quite a movement towards polled genetics in Shetlands and Zorro (Rocky's sire) definitely carried the polled gene. You might find good homes for ram lambs who's horns don't look promising for a horned flock....just a thought.

Crosswinds Farm said...

Thanks ladies,
Michelle I can always use help with names, the llama still has no name, my darling husband suggested "llama llama ding dong"..........uh, yeah, that's why he is not allowed to name anything. Several people have suggested "Tina" from the movie Napoleon Dynamite, however, my mother-in-law's name is Tina...I think you see the problem with that.
Good idea with the polled list Nancy. The boys with the scurs have a lot going for them,and they have Rockmiester's fleece, so if nothing else I will wether them and keep them for know how yummy Rocky's fleece is ;).

shepherdchik said...

Our corn is not quite that tall yet, maybe 7 feet, but really close (in western Iowa).

~*Sarah*~ said...

Ok I'm laughing at the llama name dilema...yeah, that wouldn't be good! =0

HIS pumpkins look great btw :)

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