Tuesday, July 10, 2007

They are all growing up!

The lambs are changing so fast now, as fast as my mind changes about who will stay and who will go. Here are some pictures of those that cooperated with the camera today. I will have more photos of the others when they decide to be more accommodating.

Remember Isabella, the first born ewe lamb? I am really happy with the way her fleece and conformation are looking. She will, of course, be staying.

Ace, the clown. We are still watching his horns, he is looking now like he may have long scurs or aberrant horns. His fleece is wonderful, conformation is very nice, plus, he is pretty darn cute.

Here is Apollo, not the most flattering picture, but he is growing to be a very nice ram. Apollo will be staying, I really want to see how he matures.

Sandpiper is going to be for sale after weaning....which we will be doing next week. I am NOT looking forward to weaning. Sandpiper is a great little ram. He looks like he will have nice horns, he has good conformation and an outstanding temperament. I would love to keep him, but SOMEBODY has to go.

Last but not least. Sage's twins are really growing too. I have not changed my mind about these two, they are definitely staying here. They just get more impressive every day. You may have noticed that they STILL do not have names. Hmmmmm is anyone noticing a pattern with me??

I promise, I will work on names tomorrow, after I go and machete my way through my garden. We have had perfect growing conditions for most of my vegetable plants (and weeds) so they are getting out of hand. Perhaps I will photograph my pumpkin vines that are beginning to look like The Little Shop of Horrors!


Michelle said...

Wow, what a handsome, square little fellow that gulmoget is! His horns look like they are pointing the wrong direction, though? Is he a half-poll?

Crosswinds Farm said...

Thanks Michelle, I think he is very handsome too. His horns are actually looking pretty good at this point, I think that the camera angle makes them look funny :(. His dam does have some pollie genetics in her pedegree.

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