Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Little things that amused me today.

It has been raining here for several days. Thunderstorms overnight and into the morning, clearing skies and sweltering heat in the afternoon.....until it starts raining again. I am not going to complain, we do need the rain and my garden is thoroughly appreciating it.

While I was out doing some chores in between the raindrops, I couldn't help but notice the fluttering of multicolored wings around my cone flowers, I just had to stop and enjoy the show...I am easily amused!

OOPS! not quite ready to join the show.

I also found this little barn swallow in a nest in White Chicken's house. It made me smile to see the little baby all nestled in my chicken's feathers and swirls of my horse's hair.......It's always fun to see who has put my horse hair to good use after I brush my horses and throw the balls of hair on the ground and they mysteriously disappear.

Baby cantaloupe and watermelon, which I have never had luck growing before, seem to be coming along nicely.

This was my first attempt at peppers as well....again I must thank my animals for their manure contributions!

I am easily was a good day.


Nancy K. said...

Beautiful pictures Corrine! I wish we had gotten some of that rain. Everyday it was predicted ~ and it looked so threatening ~ but it hasn't rained in three weeks and things are starting to dry out. Fortunately, we had a good, wet start, so I don't think anything will die but a good soaking would be appreciated.

Can't wait to see you at Jefferson!!

Michelle said...

Those butterflies -- and flowers -- are beautiful! One would have to be NOT easily amused to ignore that lovely sight. We've gotten some much needed rain this week, too, with more to come. I love not having to water my garden, and the pastures might revive a little, too.

~*Sarah*~ said...

our people are an easily amused people :)

How could you not be though? and "awww, baby bird!"

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