Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Bye-Bye boy parts!


What are you talkin' 'bout?

Tomorrow morning I will be taking Diego and Ace to be wethered. Diego, as I have mentioned before, is cowhocked so there was not really any question as to whether to wether or not....on the up side his fleece is really crimpy and soft so he can just sit around and make fleece for me. Ace had some questionable horns from early on and as he has grown they are not looking any better, so I would definitely not sell him as a breeding ram......he also has nice fleece though, so until I find someone looking for a nice fiber pet, he will stay here.

I really am not looking forward to taking them in for their "procedure", but it must be done....I know, some of you other Shetland breeders are asking, why doesn't she just cull them? I know that a lot of people would, and that is their choice and I understand that, I am just one of those sappy vegetarian types that tries to save everything. To each his own.

I was hoping to have some new pictures to post, however, Gary has been at the Oshkosh Wisconsin air show for the last few days and he took the camera....okay, I didn't mean pictures of the boy's emasculation, I should have clarified, that would NOT be good.


~*Sarah*~ said...

like sheep being led to ...wether.

can you imagine the sheep chatter around the bachelor pen tomorrow?

Rocky: hey, where'd ace and diego go?
Nestle: didn't you hear?
Rocky: hear? hear what?
Nestle: *whisper whisper whisper*
Rocky: they did WHAT?!?!?


Michelle said...

Here, here for us sappy vegetarian types, and long live the fiber pets!

~*Sarah*~ said...

I just looked up the meaning of 'culling'. I thought I knew, but I guessed wrong.

There would be some serious sheep-napping if I heard of such activity ;)

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