Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bouncy lambs.

If you are ever having a bad day, you just need to get yourself some lambs. There is absolutely no way that you can sit and watch the antics of these little spring loaded packages of joyfulness and not have a smile on your face.
I put most of the lambs and ewes (except Trillium and her new babes) out in the pasture for the first time today. After the initial minutes of utter confusion, babies following the wrong sets of legs and getting a stern correction in the form of a head butt from a mom trying to find her own babies, followed by a noisy chorus of moms and babies calling back and forth to each other, everyone finally found the right family groups and settled in to enjoy the beautiful sunshine and green grass.

I am finally getting to see some of the personalities coming out in these little fuzz balls.
These are Lovey's girls.

The moorit lamb is very sweet and likes to stay close to Lovey.

Little black ewe lamb is a real clown.
"Look at me aren't I cute?"

Apparently she has restless leg syndrome.

"Seriously, Sis, you are making a fool of yourself!"

This is Willow's ram lamb #1...oh, I need some names!!
He looks as though he will be sugar lips as of yet. He does have a spotted tongue, so there are spots there too.
Willow's ram lamb #2.
REALLY nice fleece and conformation.
Okay, he was peeing when I took this picture, it's hard to get these guys to stay still!
And he is an excellent retriever. The boys will both be for sale as well as Trilliums ram lamb. I haven't decided on the girls yet....

Except this one, she will be staying. Her fleece is insanely soft and crimpy :).

Maybe I will have more pictures is an addiction you know, I have a camera and I have lambs, I can't help it.


Tammy said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures of your lovely lambs. What a nice bunch they are, and your pictures are really some of the nicest I've seen of the little wiggle-warts, er, lambs. Thanks for sharing. :-)

~*Sarah*~ said...




Crosswinds Farm said...

Thanks Tammy :).

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