Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The chickens are moving!

Since my chicken flock is growing exponentially, I had to reconfigure my poultry accommodations. I have always been bothered by the fact that my original chicken barn was in the front part of the property, because it just didn't look like it belonged there and was very inconveniently set up. With all of my new chicks coming, I will have to renovate a second chicken barn and utilize it for the new girls. I had an area behind the sheep barn that I thought would make a great place for a "chicken village". It could be fenced with a nice size "run" area with a gate to let them out into the pasture for bug patrol. The only problem was that the prospective 'village' area was devoid of any chicken buildings. Lucky for me I have neighbors with lots of 'man toys' and some time on their hands before planting starts.

So if a building is not where you want it, well you just pick it up and move it!

This building has worked pretty well, but we are going to add more ventilation and redo the floor.....forklifts and an old wooden floor....not such a good match.

This smaller building needs new wood siding, some insulation, and probably a couple of windows, but it is still in pretty good shape.

And voila (my very french Canadian father is going to get mad at me for not putting the proper accent on voila) New chicken village established!

Hopefully the weather will be more cooperative in the next couple of weeks so that we can work on the buildings and get the chickens settled back in. For now the "big girls" have the run of our 54x72 foot barn and the baby girls are in the nursery in the garage, but the babies won't be able to stay in there long. I am hoping to do weekly photo updates so you can see how amazingly fast chicks grow.....of course, that is until the lambs start coming, then you can expect to see a lot of lambie pictures.

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