Monday, April 14, 2008

What is that glowing orb in the sky?

Finally, sunshine and "warm" temperatures today! There really was nothing too exciting going on today, but that was a good thing. After spending part of last weekend in Iowa City for my last (and very non-productive) craft show before I start Farmer's Market in May, it was wonderful to just spend the entire day today outside with my critters, trying to clean away reminders of the long winter.

The barn cats all came out to bask in the sun and help (watch) me work.

Cinnamon is an especially good you can see.

"Here mom, let me give you a".

Junior was just content to sit atop the hay bales and snooze.

Brown Kitty took her spot just inside the barn. She is not fond of the dogs and doesn't like to come out where they are. She is much too sophisticated for those horse-apple-eatin' canines.

I have been commenting on how enormous everyone else's ewes are getting...I guess I needed to take a look in my own pasture! I think I owe an apology to Dream and Nancy : ).
This is Willow "Thistle Keep Teleus Longtail". It is looking likely that she will be one of the first to lamb. She had a single (polled) ram lamb last year. She is much larger this year, I am certain that she will have twins (ewes please).
Edrea, my fawn katmoget, will be a first time mom. She is not huge, and for her sake I am hoping that she only has a single....Katmoget ewe would be nice...whatever..cute fuzzy lamb..I'm not picky.

Lovey is also looking very "ripe", but she was a bit camera shy today.

Day 147 (possible due date) will be April 26th

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