Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Chick update and other stuff that's growing!

We are finally beginning to see some signs of life springing from the ground. My rhubarb has taken off in the last couple of days. My variegated Jacobs Ladder that has been trying to poke it's head out from under it's blanket of mulch for the last couple of weeks, only to get nipped by the frost over night, is gingerly extending it's tender foliage out to the sun.
Okay, I realise that they are not exactly the beautiful Daffodils that Tina T-P from Washington had pictured on her blog, or the lovely Cherry blossoms at Michelle's Boulderneigh Farm in Oregon, but it's Iowa, I have rhubarb, and right now it's gonna have to do until it gets warmer!

I promised some chick updates. This was the little Blue Laced Red Wyandotte hatched on April 5th.

Here she is today at 1 1/2 weeks old. I think she is going to have a very nice lacing pattern to her feathers.
This is one of my Araucana/Americana/Easter eggers...which ever name you prefer. Murray Mcmurray advertises them as Araucanas, but they are not a true Araucana, so probably Easter Egger would be more accurate (they lay the blue/green eggs).

Here she is at 1 1/2 weeks old. Her plumage is really starting to pop.
This was one of the Rhode Island Reds.

This one has grown considerably as well.......unfortunately it is looking like "she" is a cockerel (male).

In other gender confusion, my pretty, dark moorit yearling ewe has decided to sprout little horn buds...not that there's anything wrong with that.. I am just not a huge fan of horned ewes. I guess I will have to get over it because I love this ewe. Love her.

"Sorry mom, but they go with my personality".


Michelle said...

How can you tell at that young age who will be a rooster?

Crosswinds Farm said...

Michelle, at this point I am just going by what characteristics I am seeing. This chick is a bit larger than the other RI Reds with longer legs and carries itself more like a roo already (more upright and..well..cocky). But then I could be all wrong LOL. It's hard to tell for sure at this point. In a couple of weeks combs will start to change, that will help.

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