Thursday, April 3, 2008

It's a shearing miracle!

We had an appointment with our shearer for this coming Sunday, so when I got a call yesterday from my shearer at 3:30 wanting to know if he could come after work and shear, as much as I hated the thought of scrambling to catch everyone up and dragging the boys by their horns(literally) from their pasture in the back up to the ewe barn in the front.......I couldn't pass up an opportunity to shear earlier than I expected, especially when it was a beautiful day and fleeces were dry. Since Gary was out of town I enlisted the help of my sister, who was kind enough to come directly from work to help (apologies to her husband who apparently missed out on his pot roast and mashed potato supper because his lovely wife was helping me).

Rocky was the first
This is our shearer Wayne with Rocky. Rockmiester was very cooperative, and as I have mentioned numerous times, he has wonderful fleece. I was happy to see that his fleece was pretty clean considering the long winter we've had. BTW, are those Zubaz, Wayne?

" This is so humiliating".

This is the "inside" of Rocky's fleece....which now belongs to Elizabeth B. in Michigan.

For those of you who have not seen a sheep sheared, it pretty much comes off in one big piece.. of course the fibers are all individual...but they kind of hang out it's not really one big piece, you get the idea. This one belongs to Diego...or did.

Yes sir, yes sir 15 bags full.

Almost all of these fleeces will be making the trip down to Abi's fiber studio, so that someone (Abi) who knows what the heck she is doing can process it all for me.

Her are some of the girls all nakeded up. I piled tons of straw in their barn (and in the boys barn too) since we ended up with rain and colder temps tonight.

Yeah...I am fairly confident that the girls are it intuition.
As expected, my Ag gulmoget yearling is several shades lighter :(. Although still an enjoyable color, I really liked his dark lamb fleece....not sure about those wonky horns though...boys! And why do their heads look ginormous after they are sheared?

In other news.........

Emma is happy to report that she has a new Jolly Ball.

My neighbor, that I buy hay from, was nice enough to hang on to this pretty 4th cutting alfalfa for me so that the ewes would have some good stuff before my pastures come in. I get very excited about nice hay....especially if I am lucky enough to get it at the end of winter....for $3.50 a bale.
"I did NOT like Wayne at all".


~*Sarah*~ said...


I have got to learn to spin :p

and yeah, first thing I noticed was Wayne's AWESOME pants, and wondered if they were one in the same.

Maybe the Craig would feel better about missing dinner if HE got some rockin cool party pants? ...I bet he would.

Crosswinds Farm said...

In Wayne's defense, I must say that he was going for comfort and not fashion, but he is SOOoo not an "official party pants" kind of guy that I had to give him a hard time :).

Anonymous said...

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