Saturday, April 28, 2007


Today was a beautiful sunny day. All of the lambs got a chance to get out into the pasture and try out those new little legs.
This is Lovey with her boys.

...and of course Daisy's boy.

Lilly and her little GIRL.

Willow's little cutie.

"Thistle Keep Sage Brush Vole" and
"Sheepy Hollow Red Trillium" are still waiting for their lambs.
Trillium is due around the 30th. Sage isn't due for a while yet...........Hmmmm, not sure what she has in there!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Anyone need a ram?

Wow, you little buggers are everywhere!

Lovey finally delivered this morning, and although it was a rainy raw day, she at least had the courtesy to wait until 6 a.m. when I was already out there doing chores.
So, added to my collection are this cute little black krunet, looks just like mom, and this lovely black and white smirslet flecket.........BOTH RAMS!! For those keeping track that is 4 for the boys team and 1 for the girls.....I only have 2 more ewes to go and one is surely only having a single.

The next due date is approximately April 30th-ish......Think pink!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Hey, White Chicken, did you see?
They had another one of those fuzzy things.
Ugh! Gross.

Hey you guys, be quiet!
I kind of like their fleece.

This is #3, I know, I know, still no names. He is Willow's ram lamb born on Sunday morning. Right now his markings are very striking, but he will most likely be grey like his dam. His fleece looks to be more of a dense double coat like his mom's also.

BTW have you ever tried to photgraph a 4 day old lamb? Lots of extreme nose close ups, I move back, he comes closer, I move back............and repeat. What did we do before digital cameras??

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Busy weekend!

After the arrival early Friday morning of Daisy's ram lamb, it looked like I would get a bit of a break before anyone else went into labor, after all I did keep track on the calendar when each ewe's estimated delivery date would least the girls that I caught romancing Rocky last fall. The trouble seems to be that the girls did not read the calendar, and apparently, there was more romance going on than I ever observed.

This little cutie is Crosswinds #2 lamb....yeah, I know we need to think of some names. Her dam is Sommarang Dolly "Lilly". Lilly belongs to my sister who lives in town, so Lilly stays here with us. Baby # 2 is a moorit yuglet flecket ( dark brown spots and eye patches) with her daddy's crimpy soft fleece. She arrived at 1:30 yesterday afternoon. I thought, GREAT, beautiful warm day, delivery in the daylight, perfect! It was a relatively easy delivery for a first time mom and she did a great job. Wonderful, everyone is done for a couple days...according to my calendar....until, doing my evening check on everyone. Hmmmm, uh oh, why does Willow look all "poochy" in her nether region? For you non-sheepy folk "nether region" is not technical sheepy term....I digress. At 4 a.m. this morning Willow presented me with a very handsome ram lamb, who's picture this blog is not letting me post for some reason. I will post some pictures later. According to my calendar, I should be able to get some sleep tonight .

Friday, April 20, 2007

Daisy delivers!

Hey girls, have you heard the news?
Daisy had her baby!

This is Sommarang Daisy one of our friendliest ewes, anxiously awaiting her new arrival. She was bred to Bluff Country Rock Star our moorit/flecket ram, he also has a great temperament and GORGEOUS fleece.


Here is Crosswinds lamb #1
This is our black and white yuglet/flecket ram lamb. He was born around 3:30 this morning, luckily uneventfully, and I am happy to report that mother and baby are happy and healthy. I will post more pictures later, after this very tired shepherd gets some rest and gets a better idea of how to use this blog.....arghhhh!

Sunday, April 15, 2007


Our ewes are due to start lambing around the 20th of April. Lovey, our three year old black krunet ewe, should be one of the first to lamb... I think you can see her enthusiasm for the whole process :).

Baby pictures coming soon!

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