Friday, June 17, 2011

Useful piece of advice for the day..

If you are going to leave your 'barn shoes' out on the porch overnight........

Just make sure you take a quick peek inside before you put them on.
Just sayin'.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A few ewes and a flea market.

First of all, I am not dead, thanks for the inquiries ; ). I just haven't been very bloggy as of late.

I  have added some of my ram lambs to my 'Shetland Sheep for Sale' page on this blog.  Some of the ram lambs are still being evaluated; it takes a while to figure out what those darn horns are going to do! I have been trying to take pictures of the ewe lambs in between the rain storms, but haven't been very successful thus far. All of my ewe lambs are spoken I almost hate to post more pictures of's kind of like saying, "Hey, look at these sheep you can't have!"  Hopefully next year I will have more ewes lambs than ram lambs to offer.

Here are a few of the girls that I did get pictures of.

What? I said, 'I ALMOST ' hate to post pictures of them.
This pretty spotted ewe is going to an unregistered flock in Indiana. 

These two black ewes, Juno and Forseti, will be living with a nice family in Iowa.
The new owners picked the name, Juno, for this solid black ewe.

 And Forseti is this pretty girl's name.

Freya will be moving to Decorah, Iowa.

This little moorit ewe will be going with Freya to Decorah...I always like it when they have a buddy to go with them.
I will try to get pictures of the rest soon.

About the flea market.
Those of you that have been following my blog are familiar with the Flea Market routine. We (my sister Marie and I) get up before the crack of dawn and meet so that we can make the hour and a half road trip to West Burlington, Iowa, for the monthly flea market. You are probably thinking, "Wow, there must be some great stuff there to make it worth getting up that early!" Ummm, not necessarily, it's just the possibility of some really great stuff that keeps us going back.
So, this time, my husband Gary was brave enough to join us for the trip. Sunday morning we were on our way before 4:30.....yes, AM.
Note the age of my truck by the fact that I have a cassette tape player in the dash board.....more about my aging truck later.

We arrived right around 6 AM, and Marie started finding bargains right away. Large Coleus plants for $2.

 Annnnd a few accessories that we opted to not purchase...

 We found these purses that would go with...well....umm, nothing that I own, but here are some purses.

 And some fancy was like Mardi Gras- without the nudity.


I've been looking all over for this stuff!

And this, apparently, is a Bunny vacuum cleaner hide your vacuum...'cause this is more attractive than a vacuum?

Nothing says flea market like a heart-shaped hot tub!

We met some interesting people. This guy was nice enough to model his hats for us.

I thought it was adorable how this man and his dog kinda had the same expression.

This kitty picture is for my son-in-law, Andrew, because the only thing he loves more than a squishy-faced cat, is a squishy-faced cat wearing clothes. Not joking. He loves this stuff.

I found an old table and a bench that needed a little TLC, but with some sprucing up they might be kind of neat. Hey, they were a dollar each, so what the heck.

At this point we had wandered around for about three hours and were starting to accumulate a few things. Gary was holding up pretty well, his job was to keep an eye on Marie so she didn't wander off too far; there were shiny things there, so it is sometimes difficult to keep track of her. 
Pay no attention to the pink Barbie Christmas has a special purpose bwahahaha!

By the time we had wandered around for almost 4 hours, Gary started looking at knives...I am not sure what that was about....hmmm. I think he had reached his 'fun' limit.

When we were just about to leave, we made an astonishing discovery. I thought I was pretty good at geography, especially when it comes to the great state of Iowa, but something we found told me otherwise.

Apparently, Iowa is farther West than I originally, West, as in, the desert, West.

And Iowa is much larger than I thought-stretching all the way to the ocean. I must live a sheltered life because I have never seen dolphins in Iowa. Good to know.

And who knew that Iowa reached all the way to the South Eastern part of the U.S.? I had no idea that Iowa was in the land of Dixie! 

OK, now I am really confused.....

 I better study my geography.

After we had just about all the fun that Gary could stand, we headed home. After leaving the flea market we made a brief stop to gas up and hit the road. We only got a short distance from the market and my truck (Larry) started making strange noises. The RPM needle was going up and down and the engine seemed to be "missing". We wondered if we should try to baby the old boy home, or try to find an open service station in one of the tiny towns ( most of them with populations of less than 300) along the way...on a Sunday morning... we opted to try to get him home....which we did...still waiting for a damage report on that one....I think the mechanic is afraid to call me.

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