Saturday, May 5, 2012

Holly's ram lamb update

Good news! Since my last post Holly started making enough milk for both of her lambs, so her boy no longer needs any supplementation. 

I really didn't want to have to wether ( castrate) this guy!

For those of you who asked why I would not want to leave him intact if he was going to be a bottle baby- ram lambs that are bottle babies, or any ram lamb that is handled too much, can become very aggressive toward humans once they hit maturity. I know, they are adorable and cute right now, but someday they will be 100+ pounds with horns and hormones. I don't handle ram lambs a lot unless I know for certain that they are going to be wethered and will go to a pet home. That is not to say that ignore the little guys all together, I will give the boys scratches under the chin if they are invited to come to me, but I do not allow them to demand attention from me. It's hard to resist snuggling those fuzzy little guys, but I know that handling them too much is setting them up for trouble down the road. If you want more information on handling rams in general, this is a good link to check out.

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