Friday, November 2, 2007

Just farm stuff.

Fall is here, this is what is left of my garden. Yesterday I gathered up the remnants of withered vines and dehydrated sunflower stalks and piled them up....kind of sad.
There is definitely a chill in the air, and according to the forecast it will be in the 20's overnight in a couple of days. Gary put the heater in the horse stock tank, but I need to get some for the sheep tanks...this weather is reminding me that I have a lot to do before it gets really cold.
Cinnamon and his brother Junior usually find a nice sunny spot in the sheep barn on the straw bales every afternoon, but now that there is more of a nip in the air.....

Junior has found a cozier spot. I like to use these covered cat boxes filled with straw as nest boxes for my free range chickens. The boxes work really well and are easy to clean. Lately I have heard the hens cackling and fussing in the afternoon when they are ready to lay their eggs. When I went to investigate the first time I heard the ruckus, I found Junior all snuggled up
in the nest box paying absolutely no attention to the protesting hens.
I guess I need to get more boxes for the girls since Junior is unwilling to vacate.

Daisy and Willow are on the lookout for boys.

" Hey, look at this face! When are you going to post about me????"

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Yikes, it's November!

November 1st already! What??? How did that happen??

Like most of my "sheepy" friends I have been contemplating which ewes to breed for 2008 lambs since....well, since the 2007 lambs hit the ground in April. Now that romance is in the air, (or maybe it's just ewes in season aroma in the air) here is my "final" list.Sommarang Daisy. Friendly, pretty girl, nice fleece and tail....really friendly, did I mention that she is friendly? Modified.

Thistle Keep Teleus Longtail "Willow". Very nice ewe. Soft crimpy fleece, very tiny tail, nice rear and legs. Ag grey. Selectively friendly...she is not an "attention hussy" like some of my other girls that will do anything to be the center of attention, she is much more dignified.

Sheepy Hollow Lovey. Black (iset)krunet ewe, good fleece and conformation, also very sweet.

Sheepy Hollow Trillium. Pretty girl, good conformation, very nice tail, shorter staple fleece but soft and crimpy. She is my least friendly ewe, but she had one of my nicest conformation ram lambs this year.

Sommarang Dolly "Lilly" will probably not be bred this year. She and Thistle Keep Sagebrush Vole (below) were allowed to wean their ewe lambs on their own, and they were nursing for quite a bit longer than my ewes that had ram lambs, so unless I push back breeding they wouldn't have much of a rest between when they weaned this year's lambs and breeding again.
Sagey did give me some really nice lambs this year though.
Crosswinds Sophia. She is just a lamb, so she won't be bred until next year.....She is such a pretty girl, I can't wait to see how she matures! Love that wool on the poll.

Crosswinds Isabella. Isabella is one of this years lambs she will not be bred this year. I will have to decide after she matures. She has really long, soft, crimpy fleece, unfortunately she has a longish tail. She is a "Rocky" lamb, so she may carry polled genetics.

"HMMMM, all those girls look GOOOOOD"!

Sorry Rock, remember that trip to the vet? You won't be romancing the ladies anymore.

I will be leasing a ram this year...seems kind of silly with all the ram lambs that I ended up with this year, but we will be hanging on to a couple of those boys until next year to see how their horns turn out.

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