Friday, November 2, 2007

Just farm stuff.

Fall is here, this is what is left of my garden. Yesterday I gathered up the remnants of withered vines and dehydrated sunflower stalks and piled them up....kind of sad.
There is definitely a chill in the air, and according to the forecast it will be in the 20's overnight in a couple of days. Gary put the heater in the horse stock tank, but I need to get some for the sheep tanks...this weather is reminding me that I have a lot to do before it gets really cold.
Cinnamon and his brother Junior usually find a nice sunny spot in the sheep barn on the straw bales every afternoon, but now that there is more of a nip in the air.....

Junior has found a cozier spot. I like to use these covered cat boxes filled with straw as nest boxes for my free range chickens. The boxes work really well and are easy to clean. Lately I have heard the hens cackling and fussing in the afternoon when they are ready to lay their eggs. When I went to investigate the first time I heard the ruckus, I found Junior all snuggled up
in the nest box paying absolutely no attention to the protesting hens.
I guess I need to get more boxes for the girls since Junior is unwilling to vacate.

Daisy and Willow are on the lookout for boys.

" Hey, look at this face! When are you going to post about me????"


~*Sarah*~ said...

Aww, kitties and chickens, co-existing in peace!

...kinda :)

shepherdchik said...

I was just thinking on the way to work this morning that I also need to get my tank de-icers put out. I left the hose out too, it is probably frozen. I got in the habit of leaving the hose laying out by the tank all summer, now I'll have to go back to draining and rolling it. Happy Iowa Winters.

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