Thursday, June 7, 2007


Remember Sage and her voluptuous belly? After all of the months of anticipation, she finally decided on Monday morning to deliver two spectacular lambs, quietly, unassisted, in between my frequent visits to the barn to check on her. That's my Sage!

......And yes, she had a ewe lamb! This little girl does not yet have a name. She is a lovely solid dark moorit (brown) color, she is quite petite and feminine and she looks like she will have nice fleece and good conformation. Needless to say she will be staying here.

And of course, there had to be a ram in there too (#6 ram of 8 lambs born)! This guy is a keeper though, he is completely unrelated to any of my other ewes since Sage was bred when I bought her. He also carries a relatively rare color pattern called Gulmoget. He also looks like he will have very nice conformation.

Now that lambing is over and everyone is safe and healthy, I can breathe a sigh of relief....for the moment. On to phase two. Unfortunately, I can't keep all of the now I will have to do my final evaluations and decide which ones will be leaving Crosswinds and go on to sire their own flocks. I already have a pretty good idea of who will be staying, I just need to make sure that my selections are not based on my emotions, only what will be best for the boys in the long run, and whether or not they will fit in to our breeding program.

I have been very lax in posting lately (as some of my friends have pointed out). I will add some current photos of the other lambs soon. It is unbelievable how much they have grown since I last posted, especially seeing them next to the "new" babies.


Nancy K. said...

What a wonderful way to finish lambing! I love moorit ewe lambs and that gulmoget ram lamb is stunning! Good for you!!

When are you and Marie coming to visit me??? If I manage to hang onto this place, I'm planning to have a BIG party later this summer. I'll keep you posted...

Crosswinds Farm said...

Thanks Nancy! Ooohhh, I can't come visit you until you have all of your lambs sold....remember what happened last time???? ;)

Michelle said...

Hi Corinne; I think I found my way to your blog via Nancy's. Just have to say that is the mostly clearly, brightly marked gulmoget lamb I've ever seen a photo of! Stunning is right!

Crosswinds Farm said...

Hi Michelle, I am glad you found me :). I found your blog via Nancy's a while back. I love the beautiful pictures of your flowers, wonderful knitting projects,and sheep,of course. Glad you like my little "Gully".

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