Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Here comes the rain again.

I haven't posted lately because, well, there is nothing interesting happening. I am reduced to talking (complaining) about the weather. I know that a lot of the country has been suffering through drought this summer....I would like to send them some rain...really. We have gotten an overabundance of rain and heat and it is really making me cranky. It has rained virtually every day for...I don't know how long. My tomatoes and cantaloupe are so engorged with moisture that they are trying to escape the confines of their skins and splitting apart.

Here we go again.

I must say the dark clouds did make a nice backdrop for my sunflowers, even though they are looking tattered by the daily deluge of rain and wicked wind. Hmmm...looking at that picture it just dawned on me how tall those plants are. The corn was about 9 feet when we measured last...boy, I am going to have to measure that guy................oh, we really need something exciting to happen around here!


Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention that one of the main crops in the rural areas near Geneva is Sunflowers. It was odd to be driving home along fields of Sunflowers every day.

~*Sarah*~ said...

Its that 87% humidity, they THRIVE on 87% humidity. I, on the other hand, crumble and pray for October. =)

Hey by the way, I just came home from was raining.

Michelle said...

You can keep your humidity, thank-you. But the cloud photos were beautiful!

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